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Admin Application, Part One

Please fill out the application completely; then click submit.

Real Name:
E-mail Address:
Link to Online Journal:

1. If you write and are archived anywhere on the Internet, please provide the links to those archives.

2. Are you a beta? If so, please provide the names of the authors, the stories, and where they are archived.

3. If you are an accredited beta, please list the site (along with the link) with which you are accredited, the username you are accredited under, and your accreditation certification number.

4. Do you have any experience with other archives? If so, please list the name of the archive, how long you were involved, and what your duties were.

5. How much education have you had? Please list your degree(s), even if you think it is not relevent to this application.

6. Explain why you think you would be an asset to The Petulant Poetess and what you would bring to the site.

7. Explain how important do you feel moderated fiction sites are to the online writing community.

8. Tell us how you would handle an author who was politely contesting a correction in punctuation.

9. Tell us how you would handle an author who questioned (not so politely) why you asked him/her to reword a sentence.

10. Do you think an author should accept all changes asked for by an admin without question? Why?

11. Would you be willing to conform to punctuation and grammar rules set by the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress for the sake of consistency amongst the staff? (Please feel free to discuss your theories and mindset on punctuation and grammar, if you have any.)

12. Number of hours per day or week you have to commit to working in the queue:

13. Pairings/Ships you either enjoy reading or do not mind reading:

14. Pairings/Ships you would refuse to admin:

15. If you have a problem with anyone currently on staff here, please list who it is and what the problem is:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Please look over your answers and click the submit button once you are satisfied.

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