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Thank you, Reviewers!
It's that time of year again when the admins go skiving off, and instead of pushing chapter after chapter through the queue, they indulge in reading reviews. ;)

They learned something profound: one would think that picking the top three reviewers on an archive with more than 27k members is tremendously hard. Well, it wasn't. Clearly, the reviewer who posted more reviews than anyone else deserves to be named and, perhaps, gifted a little something, right? So, I'll give you

Sunny33, who left the most reviews for the second year running. For you, kittylefish has written Stepping Out, with a little help from Clairvoyant and karelia, and you'll find it on the front page under the Featured Stories.

There were two other reviewers who stood out incredibly with a consistently high quality as well as quantity of reviews. Hbar is one. She so regularly makes authors squee that rumour has it that Severus is working on a way to bottle them as treatment for depression. Now, how cool would that be?

Hbar, astopperindeath, with a little help from Clairvoyant, has written for you The Ghost of Christmas Passed Away, accessible on the front page under Featured Stories.

And last, but by no means least, we have braye27, a real-life Potions mistress, who is not only enthusiastic about reading fanfic but lends support to many authors by cheer-leading, discussing ideas and being there for them. Braye27, for you, Clairvoyant, with a little help from sempra, kittylefish, and astopperindeath, has written The Voodoo That you do so Well, also found on the front page, under the Featured Stories.

To all who have crossed paths with The Petulant Poetess, may your 2011 be an improvement on 2010, with much enthusiasm to read, review, write, beta-read, alpha-read, and cheer-lead!

The Petulant Poetess Faerie
(TPP Faerie - 2010/12/30 - 08:40PM)

Reader's Comments

What deserving picks!  These certainly are reviewers that make me squee!
[ mia madwyn (2010/12/31 - 08:27AM) ]

What a lovely idea. These three wonderful people certainly deserve their rewards. They are all consistently supportive and enthusiaistic, which makes the hard work all worth while. Thanks to you all!
[ quaffswinegaily (2010/12/31 - 06:36PM) ]

Thank you faeries for the lovely story! Love you all. xxx :D
[ sunny33 (2011/01/01 - 02:55AM) ]

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