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Announcing a New Challenge!
Announcing The Petulant Poetess' Last Drabble Writer Standing (Petulant LDWS) Challenge Fall 2011. Participants write drabbles and compete against one another in a round. There will be a different prompt every week, and each week readers vote on which responses they liked the most. One or two writers are eliminated each week, and one person is declared the winner of the week.  Eliminations continue until the grand finale when the finalists compete for top honors.

This round will have x number of writers, depending on how many respond to the sign-up post. This  round will last approximately nine weeks, so participants should be sure they will be able to commit to that time frame before they sign up.

Prompts will be posted on TPP and LJ on Monday, and drabbles are due by Midnight (GMT) Thursday.  Anyone who fails to turn in a drabble is eliminated.

Voting will begin as soon as all entries have been posted and will last until Midnight (GMT) Sunday.

Winners will be announced when voting is complete.

ANONYMITY IS IMPORTANT TO A FAIR COMPETITION. Drabbles are anonymous and should not be shown to anyone (not counting beta readers) until voting has concluded. If any of the competitors or community members are found directly posting about a specify entry, they will be eliminated and/or blocked from the challenge. 

Please do not post your drabble anywhere else until voting has been completed and the winners are announced.

All drabbles will be between 100 and 499 words. Please use a beta before submitting your entry to the archive.

Drabbles  should be written and submitted only for the current challenge. Do not write drabbles that are continuations of previous challenges.

The deadline for drabble submission each week is Midnight (GMT) Thursday. Drabble format and further submission details will follow in the sign-up post.

Please make sure to review our submission rules before posting.

Keep in mind that we have readers of all ages. Rate your story accordingly and include warnings. All characters engaging in sexual activity must be  at least 18 years old.

K= suitable for everyone
K+= may contain material inappropriate for younger and more sensitive readers.
T= may contain material inappropriate for readers under the age of 13.  This may include some mild language and violence.
M= not appropriate for younger audiences; mature themes, including language, violence, sex, and other dark  things.
MA= definitely not appropriate for the young or sensitive; very mature themes, especially the sexual sort.

We encourage participants and readers alike to have an open mind to all ships, het and slash. Please do not discriminate based upon pairing—instead focus on quality of writing. We welcome all ships and gen fic. Because the SS/HG Exchange will be posting at the same time as this challenge, we insist the pairings be non-SS/HG.

We encourage competitors to vote, but any votes cast for themselves will be disqualified. Remember reviews are love.

Readers should vote for one favorite drabble using the screened poll on TPP (www.thepetulantpoetess.com/voting.php).  Each week the drabble(s) with the least amount of points will be eliminated.

As  an example, for the first six weeks of a 16 participant round, the two authors who receive the lowest scores will be eliminated; for the remainder of the round, the single contestant with the lowest score will be eliminated until there is a winner. For a 10 participant round, the author with the lowest score will be eliminated each week.

Everymember of TPP is invited to submit a drabble in response to a challenge whether they are competing or not. Only those writers still in Petulant LDWS are eligible to win each week.

The “Real Life” Clause:
Occasionally allowances will be made  in cases of disaster (hurricane, flood, fire, etc.), illness (bad flu – sudden onset) or computer failure (hard drive dies). Please let the moderators know as soon as possible that you intend to continue competing. To be fair to the other participants, the RL clause cannot be invoked after 6 participants remain.

Tie Breakers:
In the event of a tie for Most Favorite, all writers selected as most favorite will win for that week.

This post is for comments or questions about the Petulant LDWS. Any questions or comments should
be submitted here. Sign-ups will be in a following post.
(Clairvoyant - 2011/09/03 - 04:45PM)

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