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Reviews for Rewriting History

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gowvan (Anonymous )1: One
Oh please continue....
2009/08/29 - 19:50

gowvan (Anonymous )1: One
Oh please continue....
2009/08/29 - 19:49

rhiannonofthemoon (Signed )1: One
Messing with time is tricky business!  I hope Severus is very, very careful.  Great job!
2008/10/29 - 22:46

FlittterKat (Signed )1: One
I like where you're going with this prompt. Sooo, does Severus place little Tommy with a family or is he thinking about raising him? Wonder if he could come to the future with Severus and what would change? Can't wait for the next chapter.
2008/10/29 - 17:29

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: One
Oh man, please update this soon. This is very intriguing. I really look forward to reading more. If it is your muse that is the problem, then send it here and I will give it a swift kick to start it up again.
2008/10/21 - 15:03

phoenix (Signed )1: One
Very intriguing start and I would love to see more. I hope that it is not abandoned as I can see so much potential and wonder what would happen to stuck in the distant past Severus.
2008/10/19 - 09:52

CharmedForce (Signed )1: One
I do hope you continue this story. I would love to see the effects Severus' decision has had on the world. Well done!
2008/10/10 - 21:05

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: One
Oh man I was really getting into this.  More please, please more.  I love stories like this one.
2008/08/23 - 09:35

Moreteadk (Signed )1: One
Oh dear what happens next? Or should I say before?

Seeing James every day wouldn't be so bad actually, considering that if he was completely Voldemort-and-Darkness-free, then he might have actually got the girl himself. Which does mean that Harry would never have been born. Somehow I suspect Severus haven't actually thought it through at all.
2008/08/10 - 06:43

debjunk (Signed )1: One
Intriguing start.  I like the idea of Severus going back and changing Voldemort and the past. 
2008/07/08 - 16:06

kimjo2 (Signed )1: One
cool!  is he going to adopt tommy?  i can hardly wait to find out!  thanks so much

2008/06/27 - 19:06

Shadow (Signed )1: One
Oh my. I cant wait to see what happens when Severus starts muddling with the past.
2008/06/27 - 14:00

Dreamy_Dragon (Signed )1: One
Very interesting beginning - I love time travel stories. Looking forward to more!
2008/06/22 - 17:44

StormySkize (Signed )1: One
This is a great start to a very different time-turner fic. In every time-turner story I've read, it's Hermione who goes back in time -- usually meeting up with a much younger Snape. The idea that Snape will go back in time and try to 'fix' things is intriguing, though fraught with danger.

Looking forward to more of this one.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope to get the next chapter written this week or next at the latest.
2008/06/19 - 20:24

Muggline (Signed )1: One
Oh, how interesting. I have to bookmark this!

Author's Response: Thanks. :)
2008/06/19 - 04:58

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