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Reviews for The Tree House Dilemma

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luvsev (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Tee hee, the ending was hilarious.
2008/10/24 - 12:04

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Brilliant, too funny.  what prompt did you use?
2008/10/21 - 15:28

phoenix (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Poor Severus, not quite as clever as he thought. I love how he got caught. LOL
2008/10/19 - 10:34

CharmedForce (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Hahaha... sometimes he is too clever for his own good!
2008/10/16 - 22:45

StormySkize (Signed )1: Only Chapter
The first three letters of 'Slytherin' aren't 'sly' for nothing!
2008/10/10 - 20:55

silverdoe (Signed )1: Only Chapter
BUSTED! Very cute story.
2008/09/09 - 21:18

Moreteadk (Signed )1: Only Chapter
HA! Serves him right, the cheater. :p So... what does he have to do then? Technically he did lose, although he'll probably argue that he didn't based on the fact that the bet was whether or not he would eventually resort to magic. Which he didn't.
2008/09/02 - 09:02

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Oh yeah liking it nicely done
2008/08/23 - 10:04

Shadow (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Hmmm, I can still see a way for Severus to worm his way out of this. She didn't exactly say he had to build the house, just that it had to be built without magic. Sneaky little Snape!
2008/07/21 - 06:53

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Too cute. Hahaha

Author's Response: Thank you!
2008/07/18 - 04:16

pookah (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Naughty Severus.  I wonder what he has to do for Hermione that he dreads?  Thanks for a funny and clever response to this prompt.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!  I'm happy that you enjoyed it .  hehe
2008/07/14 - 18:38

snitchette (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Does that mean that he's just lose his bet. Wonder what he will have to do. Care to share ? Please

Author's Response: I still haven't worked out if he won or lost (or maybe they both won?) in my head... which is why I left it so open-ended.  Eventually I'll probably write more on Hermione's terms and the outcome of the bet, but atm I am sorting out another plotline (the bunny just wouldn't stop tickling me on this one when I read the prompt).   Thank you so much for reviewing!
2008/07/09 - 04:18

WriterMerrin (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Oh, very cute!

Author's Response: Thank you!
2008/07/08 - 21:03

kimbee73 (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Very clever...much enjoyed. I can see Severus actually trying to build it though.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so happy that you enjoyed!  hehe :)  I'd love to see Severus using power tools to build a tree house...
2008/07/08 - 20:23

beaweasley2 (Signed )1: Only Chapter
Oh how very clever he is!  Teehehe hire a contractor - and forgetto remove their logo!

Author's Response: lol I can see him doing it in my head, he didn't use magic to build it after all did he?  lol  Thank you for the review!

Author's Response: lol I can see him doing it in my head, he didn't use magic to build it after all did he?  lol  Thank you for the review!

Author's Response: (and I'm an idiot who hit refresh when the page didn't load properly!  lol pls excuse my stupidity!)
2008/07/08 - 08:09

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