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Reviews for Island Specialty


MlleGigi (Signed )1: N/A
Being a lifelong fan of "Star Trek", your description of the -- errm, *ahem* -- specialty reminded me of gagh, a Klingon dish which is consumed while it is (*ugh*) still alive and wriggling.
2015/08/07 - 18:13

Alcina vom Steinsberg (Signed )1: N/A
Funny and weird! Whatever is this - magical oysters? *gets a greenish tint, too*

Author's Response: Ack. Sorry, forgot to reply. Hee. I think it was some sort of seaweed. It would definitely make me queasy as well. Thank you for leaving a comment. :)
2008/11/07 - 13:33

sunny33 (Signed )1: N/A
Don't tell me... I do NOT want to know what that was!

Author's Response: LOL. Are you sure? Tonks ended up liking it. You might be missing the culinary delight of the century. Or so Snape would tell you. ;)
2008/09/14 - 22:16

beaweasley2 (Signed )1: N/A
Tonks/Severus? This is a first for me! I love his ending comment, so confident. Teehehe

Author's Response: Whoohoo, new convert!?!  LOL Thank you.
2008/09/10 - 22:33

snitchette (Signed )1: N/A
"This is delicious," she mumbled. "Of course, it is." This two lines could lead to so much more out of context. Mmmmm *dreamy smile*

Author's Response:  You are absolutely right, and I'm sure Tonks will see to that as soon as dinner is over. *g*
2008/09/10 - 03:24

morgaine_dulac (Signed )1: N/A
Whatever did he make her eat? /M

Author's Response: My first idea was sea-dwelling slugs, but that's far too gross, so I think I'm going with some kind of magical seaweed that Snape would have learned about through his potions research. :)
2008/09/09 - 14:04

debjunk (Signed )1: N/A
Cute interaction.  I don't know if you like Star Trek, but that whole episode could have played out on the Klingon home world.  Lol.  She's so brave to swallow those squirmy things for love.  I don't think I would have the guts.  No matter how much I loved my partner.  (Delicious or not, eew.)

Author's Response: Hey, I hadn't even thought about that, but you're right. I remember that episode where Riker was serving on a Klingon vessel for a while. That was a good epsiode. *happy memories*

And I can't blame you for not wanting to do what Tonks did, because I'm exactly like that. *g*
2008/09/09 - 13:24


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