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Reviews for A Dreaded Holiday


June W (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
I remember this story!  The pink clouds, the images they saw, their future children.... and wondering what happened to the couples that were not supposed to enter the Tunnel of Love. Maybe they got routed to an alternate route, a Tunnel of Discord. XD

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
2014/02/20 - 19:32

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
Hmm, so Snape knew about this beforehand huh? I could see him wanting proof or confirmation about something before he went for it, especially since lily never panned out for him.
2013/11/24 - 12:59

gersknightlady (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
What a wonderful story I wish this was just a first chapter. 
2013/06/20 - 19:10

EverMystique (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
I like that you left this with the confusion at the end of the ride. It's very realistic for two persons of their temperment.

2009/02/22 - 17:36

makaem (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
Lovely. I think you may be my author to read when I need a lift. Of course, the next story of yours I read will probably be dark.
2008/12/18 - 08:31

ChrissyJones (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
This was really cute -- I really enjoyed reading it!
2008/05/13 - 00:00

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
I don't think I could wait that long to go for him.  Albus could kiss my bum.  I love your take on this.  Thanks.

2008/04/10 - 07:39

mia madwyn (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
This was your first? Really? It's lovely! I'm all warm and gooey inside now. ::smiles::

Author's Response: :) Thank you, hon. Yes, it was my first. I truly appreciate your lovely comments.
2007/12/20 - 08:49

MadBrilliant (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
wonderful! i loved this fic!
2007/12/13 - 00:20

chyara (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
you know it would be fun to read a sequel based on this.
2007/10/26 - 18:07

snarkysiren (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
omg love the idea!!
2007/04/28 - 14:19

sinbad (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
I liked it.  I'm not usually into fluffy pieces, but this was good without being cloying.

Author's Response: Thank you. It was my first foray into fanfiction, so a bit of fluff was inevitable. I don't like it too sickenly sweet that it sticks to your teeth and gives you cavities. ;)
2007/03/05 - 13:21

KarenDetroit (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
That's the most plausible explanation in this challenge that I've ever seen. Snape is a little too flat, though.

Author's Response: :) Thanks. Yeah, he was flat. I didn't know how to write him. I didn't want him to be soppy, but I didn't want him to be too nasty either. It was easier to keep him quiet. It was my first attempt at writing any fanfiction. I've since learned how to handle him better. In so much, as anyone can handle Severus. ;)
2006/11/09 - 15:12

fyiagcg (Signed )1: A Dreaded Holiday
i have read this a few times and look forward to jumping over to ashwinder to read its sequel (will it be updated here? hinthint). I just had to tell you that your icon thing in your info (i will be vague....) made me laugh out loud. um. yeah. thats it

Author's Response: LOL! I'm glad you like the icon...I made it myself, but the line is taken from POA in 15 min. Yes, I will put the sequel up here, I just didn't want to swamp notsosaintly to pieces with giving her all of my fics and chapters at once, didn't seem all that fair. ;-) The sequel is on the front page of "Recently Updated" section at Ashwinder. Thanks! ~Ginny
2005/04/14 - 16:32


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