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Reviews for What Women Want

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sunny33 (Signed )8: 8
Doesn't bode well for the Charms master! :)

Author's Response:

She didn't do anything too bad to him. It's just something to remind Filius that he shouldn't meddle.

2009/11/22 - 04:52

braye27 (Signed )8: 8
I don't know what Hermione did to Filius, but I know the punishment will fit the "crime."  I can't wait to find out just what she's done to the well-meaning but meddling Charms Professor. 

Hummm... will it wear off in about three months?  Thanks for this funny update!

Author's Response: What Hermione did to Filius will be something he will never forget... and will teach him to stop meddling.

Severus's curse and what was done to Flitwick will, indeed, wear off in the three month period.

2009/11/20 - 23:43

pookah (Signed )8: 8
So happy to see an update on this!  Thanks.  I think Flitwick ought to be grateful that it was Hermione, and not Severus, who cast a spell in retaliation. 

Author's Response: You're welcome! Severus would be so much worse to deal with.
2009/11/16 - 13:17

debjunk (Signed )8: 8
Oh, I wonder if it's a good thing she did?  She really does need to thank him, despite his meddling.  He should get the Dumbledore award for biggest meddler.

Author's Response: Hee. Perhaps she should, but she's still peeved at him for putting Severus through all that.
2009/11/15 - 22:32

makaem (Signed )8: 8
Oh, that was great. I can't wait till Filius finds out what she did.

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapter will show what she did. :)
2009/11/15 - 06:17

blue artemis (Signed )8: 8
Hee.  I can't wait to see what she did to him. 

Author's Response: It'll be quite a funny thing indeed.
2009/11/14 - 21:10

beaweasley2 (Signed )8: 8
LOL I sure hope that Hermione gave Filius a taste of his own spell!

Author's Response: She really did a number on him, just wait until the next chapter (which I promise will be up a lot sooner than this update).
2009/11/14 - 20:18

beaweasley2 (Signed )7: 7
And now Severu sknows. Poor, Filius, he's gonna face an angry Snape!

Author's Response: Yup. Severus is livid. Hermione will be tagging along, so maybe she'll be able to keep them from dueling.
2009/11/14 - 20:16

beaweasley2 (Signed )6: 6
I can't believe that Hermione went behind Severus' back and spoke to Flitwick.
Flitwick on the other had only has to reverse the spell, no harm done. Simple.

Author's Response: To be fair, he did hear her think she was going to try to find help for him. Now if only Flitwick will do what he needs to, Sev will be fine.
2009/11/14 - 20:14

beaweasley2 (Signed )5: 5
LOL Mel and Helen déjà vu - it was so funny, Severus confessinghis 'gift' to Hermione.

Author's Response: I wanted it to be as close as possible to the movie. Kinda changed things a little to suit my needs, though.

Glad you got a kick out it. :)
2009/11/14 - 20:11

beaweasley2 (Signed )4: 4
Silly girl shoul dhave known better than cheat in his class.

Author's Response: Yeah, she should have. I bet she learned her lesson now.
2009/11/14 - 20:07

snitchette (Signed )8: 8
I want to kiss and hug Hermione. I don't know what sh'e done to Filius but I'm sure he will regret playing with Severus that way. Even if it was to help them. I'm so glad you updated this, so much i like it.

Author's Response: Rest assured, Hermione did something quite great to Filius for daring to interfere in Sev's life.
2009/11/14 - 16:40

Crystal Quill (Signed )7: 7

Maybe Snape doesn't really want to lose his newly acquired ability, does he? Just tune it up a bit. If he could turn it on and switch it off at his convenience, that would be wicked...in every sense of the word. So I don't think Flitwick is really in danger. He may just have to work a bit harder to get Snape what he wants.

Author's Response: I think after all Severus has been through, he does not want such a "gift". I'm sure Hermione will be able to keep Severus's anger in check so Flitwick won't be in real danger.
2009/08/29 - 13:24

sunny33 (Signed )7: 7
Uh oh, now Filius is in BIG trouble! :)

Author's Response: Severus might just get him for this.
2009/08/24 - 22:22

sunny33 (Signed )6: 6
Naughty Filius! :0

Author's Response: Yeah, he's been pretty bad, but he did have the best of intentions.
2009/08/24 - 22:21

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