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Reviews for A Memoir


Clairvoyant (Signed )1: One-shot
Next time, kizzy, give a 'tissue warning', will you?  I would say I don't feel angsty, but sad - in a good way.  Yeah, they are dead, but I walk away from this feeling soothed by your tender story.

He celebrates her life in the little details that most people overlook:  the swirl of curls, the tapping nails, the turning pages.  It was sweet and sad at the same time.  Your story is beautiful and it makes me want more.  Have you considered expanding this memoir for a more in depth look at their devotion and love?  Hmm? 

2009/10/22 - 11:34

Nessa (Signed )1: One-shot
2009/10/22 - 07:31

alliean (Signed )1: One-shot
Oh Kiz, I read this last night just as I was falling asleep, and it's been on my mind all day long: "Swirls of curls, swirls of curls, swirls of curls." Somehow, that little bit of sentimentality from him works, because it's teasing but he treasures it more than she knows. I wish I had someone to whisper about my swirls of curls when I go. Ah, blast it, you made me tear up. *Sniff*
2009/10/21 - 16:17

ClayPotter (Signed )1: One-shot
Ahh, how sad, but very in character. He wanted to end it when Lily died, but Albus gave him a reason to keep going.

No Albus this time, and well... Potter does not carry the same weight as Dumbledore.

Why can we all see the perfect match so clearly, yet their own creator, JKR, is blind?
2009/10/21 - 11:43

June W (Signed )1: One-shot
ACK!!  Beautifully done, but I would have appreciated a "character death" warning, or a "four-hanky" warning.  Harry, you should have blasted the door.

Author's Response: Thank you, June, so glad you enjoyed! Four-hanky warning, yes, that would be something appropriate! As for the character death warning, I can't help but feel both as a reader and an author that it kind of spoils the ending, especially with one-shots. You go into the story already knowing what is going to happen. But I will perhaps change it, considering you and others. Thanks again! 
2009/10/21 - 00:59

neelix (Signed )1: One-shot
God, this gets to me on some deep level. Love it!

Author's Response: *grin* Yeah, I was really *feeling* it, ya know? I think I'm going to send it my husband and make him read it, even though he never reads anything I write, lol!

neelix's response: Annoying, these menfolk. Mr neelix never reads my stuff, either.

Mind you. I never watch his football, so I guess that makes us even! lol
2009/10/21 - 00:37

debjunk (Signed )1: One-shot
Dang it, kizzy, you made me cry. A wonderful glimpse into a lifetime of happiness. Unfortunately, even the most happiest of marriages must end in death. But death is just the beginning, right?

Author's Response: Right, exactly. They will find each other, I'm sure! ~tissue~ Thanks, Deb!
2009/10/21 - 00:02

arie (Anonymous )1: One-shot
This story could use a character death warning, seeing as both main characters are dead or killing themselves.  And if this site has a warning for suicide, it's applicable. But it's beautifully written.

Author's Response: Ah, see, I'm one of those who thinks that warnings spoil the stories. Yes, I always put one in if something is violent or horrific or explicit, but the character death warning seems like I am giving it away! But thank you for the review!
2009/10/20 - 23:28

salvamea (Signed )1: One-shot
what a farewell letter.
so Harry had guessed correctly.
clever  lad.

sad Severus.
following her that he misses so much.

Author's Response: I wanted it to portray not so much a suicide note as an explanation that most of him died with her, really. If that makes any sense! Thank you so much!
2009/10/20 - 21:40

braye27 (Signed )1: One-shot
So sad.  I think Severus would miss her that much.

Author's Response: Oh, he definitely would, the poor man. Thanks, Beth!
2009/10/20 - 21:09

Belladonna83 (Signed )1: One-shot
Absolutely beautiful.  I started crying with Severus' talk of being one of the lucky ones and cried through the end.

Author's Response: Oh, ~tissue~ Thank you, Bella, glad you enjoyed!
2009/10/20 - 20:44

londonlupin (Signed )1: One-shot
that was sad and lovely - I actually had a tear roll down my cheek as I read

Author's Response: Thank you, so glad you enjoyed!
2009/10/20 - 20:18


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