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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

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loreen77 (Signed )14: Fourteen
Wow. What an amazing journey. I laughed, cried, raged with anger, smiled with joy and love and in the end cried some more. Your story was truly one of the best I have ever read. You are a talented author and I loved this. Great job!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving a final review; it's been lovely to get feedback from a reader eight years since the story was completed. Emotional responses were exactly what I'd hoped for, so I'm glad you experienced a full range of feelings and enjoyed the journey too. Thanks for reading and reviewing 
2017/08/26 - 06:29

loreen77 (Signed )2: Two
You really have my attention. I can't wait to learn about the Ravenclaw Revolutionary. 

Author's Response: Thank you. Back when I wrote this story, I didn't know much about writing and went with my instinct. Good to know I caught your attention early on. Thanks!
2017/08/07 - 20:32

loreen77 (Signed )1: One
Sad and beautiful beginning, I am glad Fawkes was sent to Severus. 

Author's Response: Fawkes was one of my favourite characters, so I was glad to send him to Severus in his hour of need. Thanks for reviewing.
2017/08/07 - 04:04

albegne (Signed )14: Fourteen
Beautiful, moving story. You created an amazing original   character in Tess.

 Nice, very nice, job.

Thanks for a great read

Author's Response: And thank you for leaving a review; it's nice to know that people are still discovering this story and enjoying my work
2013/04/19 - 16:47

mimmom (Signed )14: Fourteen
beautiful!  Now to read the sequel!  YAY!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading again! Hope you enjoy the sequel
2012/08/23 - 18:15

mimmom (Signed )13: Thirteen
so excellent.  I remember why I decided to read this one now.  It's because there's a sequel.  I swear I have the worst memory ever.  I'll be reading the sequel after this but didn't want to start reading it until I was pretty sure I knew what happened in this story.

Author's Response: Thanks, mimmom, and I look forward to hearing what you think about the sequel!
2012/08/23 - 10:01

mimmom (Signed )11: Eleven
Oh dear, Poor things.  Severus jumping to wrong conclusions and Tess not knowing what is bothering him.  I hope they get it worked out soon!  
I love this story!

Author's Response: Back again for a second read? So glad you're enjoying the story all over again  

mimmom's response: I think I'm catching up.  There are some chapters I haven't read and it looked like maybe I skipped one somewhere along the way.  Either that or I forgot to mark it as read.  Great stories require second readings, too!  It's really nice to read one that doesn't involve Hermione.  There seem to be so many of those!  I probably wrote nearly the same review as last time.  DOH.  I've done that before without remembering I'd done it.  Not the best memory ever but it means I get to read a story I've read before almost like it's the first time.  LOL!

Author's Response: I'm just happy that you wanted to read this story again!
2012/08/22 - 06:49

Bettina (Signed )3: Three
The old meddler--we can already assume that neither of them is ready to admit failing for lack of intelligence of all things.
You style is captivating. While reading I feel I'm standing next to them in Tess's living room.
As this is my second read, I admire several nicely constructed details that I won't list here to not be a spoilsport for others!

Author's Response: When I began this story over four years ago, I knew very little about the art of writing, so it's good to know I managed to sow the seeds of the story so effectively from the beginning. I'm touched that you're reading again, it's a real compliment. Thank you! 
2012/08/10 - 12:01

Bettina (Signed )2: Two
You've packed masses of information into such a smooth narration here!
The Ravenclaw Revolutionary being just one of them, although an essential one.

Author's Response: Thanks! Exposition is always a difficult thing to get right. Hope you enjoy this story second time around
2012/08/10 - 11:50

Pharma633 (Anonymous )9: Nine
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2012/04/11 - 06:04

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alexb664 (Anonymous )9: Nine
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2011/09/27 - 08:46

VivaVoce (Signed )14: Fourteen
I apologize for not reviewing each chapter, but I was so engrossed in the story, I didn't want to take the time to stop and review. I just wanted to keep reading. I was quite put out when I had to stop so I could make dinner .

First let me congratulate you for writing an excellent Snape/OC story. Not too many of those around and not too many worth reading. I've read a lot of SS/HG and it's okay, I enjoy a lot of them, but I have to say, I think they're an odd pairing. So SS/OC is definitely my favorite romantic pairing for him, provided the female complements him well.

You did an excellent job of keeping Snape in character. For him to build a new relationship (of any kind) would be no easy task for him.  Thus, one of friendship and eventually romance would be especially difficult and practically impossible. Keeping all that in mind, I thought you wrote a convincing tale of how it could have been possible for him to build a genuine, reciprocal friendship with another person and how that relationship could have turned romantic. I thought you did a wonderful job depicting how he worked through his feelings for Lily and how he was able to finally let her go and make room in his heart for Tess.

I really enjoyed Tess' feisty character. Snape is very domineering but she did not capitulate easily to him. She resisted at every turn until she began to realize she could trust him. She didn't let him scare her into submission. Any woman in a relationship with him would have to be able to stand her ground.

One of my favorite aspects of the story was the angst. Both characters believing the other could never love them and yet they do but they're both too afraid to say anything. It's a typical scenario, but I love it. In fiction (perhaps not so much in RL), angst is a wonderful device for stoking the fires of passion. You used it well in this story.

The ending was good even if it was ambivalent. I enjoy happy endings as much as sad ones. Yours was in the middle and I think it worked well for this story.

The only thing I would've like to have seen more of was romantic moments between them. It wouldn't have fit in with the story, I know, but I could have gone for more kissing .

Overall, an excellent story that I have happily added to my favorites.

Author's Response: I apologise for not replying sooner; I've been away on holiday. How lovely to return to your kind and generous review!

You seem to have noticed and appreciated many of the things which I set out to achieve, and that is immensely gratifying for me as a writer, so thank you for taking time to leave a detailed review. I'm glad that you experienced the story as authentic, keeping Snape in-character yet working through some of his feelings in a canon-compliant way.

One of the things I enjoyed most about writing The Unconditional Vow (which was completed some two years ago) was the gradual thawing and the building of trust between the two characters. I found the unhurried development of their relationship a joy to write, and you're quite right: angst is a wonderful device which I revelled in, much to some readers' chagrin.

You'd have liked more kissing, eh? Can't blame you for that! But I know you know that the kiss was reserved for just the right moment so it would have just the right effect at just the right time. I agonised over that scene, wanting to make the moment worth the wait.

I'm chuffed that you've enjoyed an SS/OC story enough to add it to your favourites. Thank you.
2011/08/30 - 05:00

pathseeker (Signed )14: Fourteen
Oh, please don't leave it there! What a cliff-hanger! Snape dies, and yet lives in a ring? Does his body stay dead? Does his soul stay in the ring? Does she join him somehow?They both deserve some happiness! Besides, Dumbledore has to tell the world Snape is innocent--that he was a spy! Please write more!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing The Unconditional Vow. I'm aware the ending of this story stirs different emotions in readers, and that some (such as yourself) want to know what happens next. The outcome really is for you to decide!
I can make no promises regarding a sequel... I've been trying to write one for a long while now, but sequels are fiendishly tricky. If I ever complete it, I shall be posting here on The Petulant Poetess!

2011/07/11 - 08:55

nagandsev (Signed )14: Fourteen
Beautiful story... 'to have his soul released into the ether', to give up his state of nirvana, or not... Thank you for leaving us with him forgiving himself and experiencing some eternal peace. And, unconditional, hope, for us all.

Author's Response: Thank you for your commitment and for always leaving a review, it's very much appreciated
2010/10/22 - 03:33

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