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Reviews for It All Comes Back to Hogwarts

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reader76 (Signed )9: Surprise
Very sweet ending.  I am surprised it ended so quickly, but it was wonderful.  A sequel maybe?  
2011/05/16 - 16:52

snitchette (Signed )9: Surprise
This is so sweet. It's a shame it's already over. I'd love to see them going through the pregnancy and the rest of their lives. Please?
2011/05/16 - 12:56

snitchette (Signed )8: New Traditions at Hogwarts

This is such sweet and wonderful story. But I'm just shocked by Harry's words. "Gin is already breeding" What is this kind of language!! She is not an animal!

Author's Response: That is simply the way most Brits I know speak. My son-in-law said just that when my daughter was pregnant. They don't think anything of it. Glad you like the story.The differences between American English and Brit English are huge. To them , bloody is the worst curse word imaginable and the f word is nothing. It is a totally different mindset over there. Having spent lots of time there, I used the term without thinking about it. I'm sorry if it offended you, but I'm so used to the way they speak, that it just came naturally. Please don't stop reading though. The last chapter is in the queue and has a cute twist to it.

snitchette's response: I was not that shocked don't worry. Plus I'm french so I  keep discovering new ways of the english language. But I'm not sure I'll use this phrasing though. I find it a bit degrading for a woman to speak about her so even if it's the common expression. 
2011/05/08 - 16:08

snitchette (Signed )7: Wedding Plans
It was a lovely wedding. I can't wait for Hermione's and Viktor's. I'm sure Alexei will be very proud to be part of it.

Author's Response: Yes, it will be lovely and there will be an added feature which we think you may like. And there is a reason the 9th chapter is called Surprise. Both of the last chapters are in the queue, so it won't be that long a wait. Thanks for reading & reviewing.

2011/05/04 - 05:25

snapify52 (Signed )1: Hogwarts
Oh, this is fun!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading & reviewing.  We had fun writing this. Hope you stick around for all 9 chapters. It is very different from the norm.
2011/05/02 - 15:14

Owlbait (Signed )6: Sharing a Bond
served Peeves right!

Author's Response: Stupid Poltergeist deserved some retribution. Thanks for reading & reviewing.
2011/05/01 - 06:36

snitchette (Signed )6: Sharing a Bond
I'm glad that Harry has found peace and a new family. Just like little Alexei.

Author's Response: The fact that Harry saw happiness in the Mirror of Erised was one of the things we felt satisfied writing. He deserved closure and peace as well as happuness. Thanks for reading & reviewing.
2011/04/29 - 05:02

snitchette (Signed )5: Casualties of War
Well, if Molly can't take over her only daughter's wedding then she'll settle for Hermione's. Of course, she'll have to go over Minerva's body to do that and I can't wait to see the fight *sadistic smile*

Author's Response: Actually, for once, Molly behaves herself. And yes, Minerva and Alastor do offer wonderful things for Hermione's wedding.
You'll see. We thank you for reading and reviewing.
2011/04/25 - 12:15

snitchette (Signed )4: Family Dynamics
There's so much happening here. And I find Alexei to be a wonderful child. I'm also very happy for Draco to have the family he disn't he craved so much.

Author's Response: We thank you for reading and reviewing. Blue and I wrote this together and came up with a really interesting storyline. Glad you like Alexei. He is a bit of a show off at times, but a thoroughly good kid. The plot gets a tad more tricky soon, but there are only 9 chapters in total, so you won't get bored with it dragging on forever.

Blue & Kyria  aka Viktors Vixens
2011/04/20 - 06:01

reader76 (Signed )4: Family Dynamics
This is really evolving into a lovely story.  I like where you've taken Draco, and Viktor and Hermione are fantastically written as well. 

Author's Response: We thank you most sincerely. Blue and I worked very hard on this story. We each wrote what we felt and it merged quite well. This was our first joint effort. Thanks again for reading & reviewing.
2011/04/19 - 16:40

MuseAmusant (Signed )4: Family Dynamics
Sounds like Draco's finally getting the kind of love and guidance he never really got as a child and it's lovely to see Arthur and Molly so accepting of him.

By the way, it's rather ironic how Draco started out the bad seed but matured into a good man, while Ron was lucky enough to grow up with a loving, caring family and yet turned out so horribly.

Great update, ladies!

Author's Response: The old debate about nature vs nurture does not ring true here.  Kind of see it as Draco's and Ron's personalities were switched at birth. Have discovered Draco is fun to write. We always appreciate your lovely reviews. Thanks for reading & reviewing.
2011/04/18 - 23:01

snitchette (Signed )3: Alexei
First of all I'm glad that Ron got what he deserves. And then Alexei seems to be a nice boy. I'm sure he'll be very happy at Hogwarts.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading & reviewing. Alexei is a very astute boy. He sees things very clearly. And Alexei will provide a glimpse into how Viktor feels about family. There are just 6 more chapters to go. Hope you continue to enjoy.
2011/04/05 - 15:27

Sampdoria (Signed )3: Alexei
I absolutely loved the update, still grinning with the thougth of Ron getting what he deserved while Fleur ripped his bits from his body. She sure showed why she was a Triwizard champion for her school:-))
I am very much looking forward to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading & reviewing. Will be working on the next chapter so it can go into the queue by tomorrow. It is at Beta right now. We hope you continue to enjoy.
2011/04/05 - 01:32

snitchette (Signed )2: Revelations
I can't wait for the next chapter although I must say even if I don't like Ron I'm really disgusted by his behaviour?

Author's Response: This is going to be a really different kind of story. Thanks for reading & reviewing.
2011/04/01 - 15:14

snitchette (Signed )1: Hogwarts
Oh my! There's already so much happening! I love it. And if I might give an advice, you advertised it a bit more like telling who you are or the prompt for the challenge,... Please don't be offended if I stepped over some boundaries.

Author's Response: There really wasn't a prompt to go with this one. Blue and I came up with the idea on our own. We have been pimping it in chat on Friday and Saturday nights. She is putting it on Granger Enchanted and we have it on FFN. Maybe I will adjust the summary on FFN. Thanks for reading & reviewing.

2011/04/01 - 14:39

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