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Reviews for Where in the World

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sai_prince (Signed )3: THREE
I can´t wait for the next chapter...
I´m a prisoner of your story!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!  Glad you like it!  I hope you will catch the sequel, Finding a Way Back... 
2011/08/03 - 06:48

HBAR (Signed )3: THREE
What a great ending to a wonderful story.  This was short and sweet with a happy ending.  If her papa is looking down on them, he would be so happy with how everything turned out.  As for Harry and his co-conspirators ... everyone usually gets what they deserve in the end.  I hope they learn their lesson.  Very nice job!

Author's Response: Oh yes, we reap what we sow!  Thanks so much for reading!!
2011/06/19 - 15:46

HBAR (Signed )2: TWO
Ok, now I am a bit nervous.  Did her grandfather switch places with Snape? I would think that was a good idea if he were on deaths door or something, but to give up your life when you have ten years left in you is quite a sacrifice.  Yes, he is not entirely lucid, but he at least was aware of what went on around him.  Or maybe I am way off base and this isn't what they did at all.  It's times like these when I love finished stories!

HBAR's response: Oh, yes, it dawns on me that the fact that he would be thrown to the dungeons in Azkaban was not known by George and Hermione.  The plan makes more sense now that I remember that.  Geeez, I'm losing it :)

Author's Response: You aren't losing it!!  You should have seen me trying to keep everything straight in my head when I started writing!! 
2011/06/19 - 15:30

HBAR (Signed )1: ONE
Holy cow, I knew he wouldn't be dead, but I didn't expect this not to be Snape.  Somebody is going to be in big trouble.

I feel sorry for Harry, carrying around such hate for so long.  He has reason to hate Snape for sure, but he has exaggerated it so much in his head that he hardly even knows what things he really is justified in being angy about anymore.

I do hope this means Snape and Hermione are lounging on the beach somewhere!  Off to find out ...

Author's Response: I never bought the idea that Harry would suddenly love Severus just because he saw those memories.  I had originally gone a different way with this story and it didn't feel right.  I am working on the sequel now and I think that first plotline is where I am headed now!    
2011/06/19 - 15:17

mimmom (Signed )3: THREE
Excellent.  I can't wait to read more.  It is awful what happened to Hermione's grandfather.  Harry and Ron are scary in this. 

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked my story!  Thanks for the review and I hope you will watch for the sequel...

mimmom's response: I will definitely read a sequel!
2011/06/19 - 13:44

peskipiksi (Signed )2: TWO
As always, your additions just enhance it! :)

Author's Response: I would say it was the super awesome beta I stumbled upon!!!  
2011/06/19 - 13:13

peskipiksi (Signed )3: THREE
Congratulations on finishing this! I do love their declarations of love - Hermione just says it, Snape says he's selfish enough to love her. Perfect!

Author's Response: I can so see Severus believing it was selfish to love Hermione.  But, dang it, they are just perfect together!!
2011/06/19 - 13:12

MuseAmusant (Signed )3: THREE
For committing such a hideous, unconscionable act (if not on the person they intended), I feel that Harry and Ron deserve a much more severe punishment. I'm glad that Severus avoided the grisly fate that Harry and the others had in store for him. But what they did to Hermione's papa in his stead is beyond sickening.

Great story, though... do you perhaps have a sequel planned? 

Author's Response: I am working on it right now.  I decided I wanted to get a little deeper into why Harry would do what he did and of course, we need to see more of SS/HG!  Thanks very much for reading!  I am glad you liked it...
2011/06/19 - 09:27

braye27 (Signed )3: THREE

This is such a bittersweet ending, but it is more sweet than bitter.  It's sad that Hermine had to find out this way that her Papa had survived for this long, but at least they will be able to bring him back to rest in his homeland with his family forever.  Severus' idea to name their brandy Dos Mariposas Santiago Reserve was inspired.

Thank you for sharing your story for us to love and enjoy.  Each chapter tugged at my heart strings, and I'm so happy that Hermione and Severus are married and have a family.  I'm a sap for a good "Snape-marries-Hermione-and-they-have-children" story!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!  It really means alot that I managed to create emotion like that with my story!  Be looking for that sequel!  I love me some 'happy-ever-after" too!
2011/06/19 - 08:11

debjunk (Signed )3: THREE
Seems like I want more punishment for Harry and Ron.  Too bad Hermione didn't know sooner,  Perhaps something could have been done.

Author's Response: After I was done, I kind of had the same feeling so I am working on a sequel.  Not sure when I will get it posted, but I am about halfway through it and I hope it will close all the cracks and crevices I didnt seal with this one!!!  Hope you will look out for it!  I thank you very much for reading and reviewing!!
2011/06/19 - 00:37

sai_prince (Signed )2: TWO
"mariposita" that was beautiful!
lo usaré con mi hijita
i will be waiting for the next chapter!!


Author's Response: De nada!  Glad you are enjoying...The next chapter is in the queue!!

2011/06/17 - 07:13

braye27 (Signed )2: TWO
Did they do what I think they did?  Papa Santiago did a wonderful thing saving Severus, and I hope he is with his dear wife and loving being able to be with her again.

I can't wait to find out what the future holds for Hermione, Severus, and George!  And I hope Harry, Ron, and Mad-Eye get what they deserve.


Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue...I hope everyone will like it!  Thanks for reading!!
2011/06/15 - 15:46

debjunk (Signed )2: TWO
Wow, you've got positively evil good-guys here.  What a sacrifice her grandfather gave. 

Author's Response: There is a fine line.  Honestly, I could see Harry and Ron and even Mad-Eye acting like this.  Hope you will stick around for the final chapter!!  Thanks for reading!
2011/06/14 - 00:17

Gwenog Jones (Signed )2: TWO
Oooh!  So good!  What a heroic man Papa Santiago is!  I love the Spanish grandfather and the conspiring George and Hermione.  Still enjoying this very much!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!  Last chapter in the queue!  
2011/06/13 - 18:41

MuseAmusant (Signed )2: TWO
Ohh... I think I get what Hermione and George did... and quite a sacrifice it was. Nevertheless, what Harry, Ron, Kingsley and the rest of the Order did was completely appalling.

Snape never had a chance, they were determined to mete out their own form of 'justice' at whatever cost. Hermione's right, they have become a lot like the ones they were fighting in the first place.

Author's Response: One more chapter!!  Glad you've liked it so far!
2011/06/13 - 09:46

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