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Reviews for Faceless


mick42 (Signed )1: Faceless
This story rings true, not only for the beautiful, but for the not so beautiful { ugly is such a well, ugly word }. It would be nice if we could all look for the beauty within first, alas human nature doesn't always work that way. I took my grandson to kindergarten a few weeks ago, and witnessed a little scene, a little boy was starting that day, and one of the first children he saw was Mason, a little boy with Down's syndrome, he turned to my grandson and asked " what's wrong with him" my grandson answered  " nothing he's my friend, come on he'll be your friend too" he took him by the  hand and all three of them went off  to the sand pit. It's a shame we all can't see through the eyes of a child. 
2013/04/30 - 07:58

HBAR (Signed )1: Faceless
It is nice to know that there is more to Fleur than just a pretty face ... even if very few see it.
2013/04/17 - 22:23

jectex (Signed )1: Faceless
Insightful. That could be used for beautiful women the world over. As I'm sure they have 'been there, done that'.  Or anyone else that has had that feeling of people looking at them but not really seeing them.
2013/03/10 - 07:21

MlleGigi (Signed )1: Faceless
Interesting.  Speaking as a woman who's attractive but certainly not supermodel material, I sometimes have to remind myself that there are probably some disadvantages to having the kind of looks that our society admires...one of the biggest being that a lot of men would be so interested in your body (and the potential sexual and/or social pleasures to be had from having you in their arms and on them, mostly self-directed) that they never make much effort to find out if there's anything beneath the surface.
2013/03/08 - 07:41

EverMystique (Signed )1: Faceless
Ah, very touching view of Fleur.
2009/05/30 - 17:50

melusin (Signed )1: Faceless
Ah yes the curse of beauty!  Being well-endowed in the chest department myself, I know what it is like when boys/men can't seem to look you in the eye.  As a teenager it was excruciatingly embarassing, as an adult I usually say something on the lines of 'Hello. I'm up here!' - that usually gets their attention. Poor Fleur! I feel for her.
2006/02/23 - 09:18

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: Faceless
Very nice tale with Fleur's point of view. I imagine that many "beautiful" people feel this way--feel as though they are worshipped for their looks and not who they truly are. Good story.
2006/02/22 - 18:49


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