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Reviews for First Times

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NC (Anonymous )5: The First Time Ever I
Too cute. Very well written. 
2015/12/06 - 23:36

jectex (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
Great first times.

Author's Response: Thank you!
2013/02/06 - 11:54

MollysSister (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
Oh too cute!

Author's Response: Thank you!. 8^D
2011/10/10 - 13:08

mimmom (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
LOL.  Too funny!  I love it.

Author's Response: Then my work here is done! Thank you. 8^D
2011/10/09 - 10:48

mimmom (Signed )1: A First Among Firsts

Author's Response: Thanks!
2011/10/09 - 02:01

sunny33 (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
Ha!  I got that one very early on.  Naughty girl.  :D

Author's Response: LOL, yes.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have changed "showed him to a dim room in the back. It was filled, from floor to ceiling, with products of a different sort: toys which were never meant for the hands, or eyes, of chidren" to "led him to a windowless room which was filled, floor to ceiling, with dolls of every shape and size imaginable to suit the purpose."

Thanks for the read, the review and the "naughty girl"!
2011/10/04 - 17:59

AuntieL (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
awwww. that was so cute! I love that he was so nervous!

Author's Response: Thank you! Nothing like worrying you'll break something precious to inducing nerves.
2011/10/04 - 06:48

debjunk (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
So very sweet, just like all the ones before. 

Author's Response: Oh, such high praise! Thank you so much. (But, I hope the beginning, at least, had some potential for being naughty, as well.)
2011/10/04 - 00:26

Alifromnm (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
That is such a wonderful "first time."  Thank you this story has been written and updated on days where it's not be a good one and you have brightened those days with this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I'm glad to have brightened your days a little, but sad to learn they needed brightening. Although we've reached the end of this series, I hope you have many more happy days in the future.
2011/10/03 - 12:39

HermioneJeanSnape (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
Awwwww, very cute bait-and-switch!

Author's Response: Though, I can't take credit for your husband's antics; I only report what I se— Oh, wait! That was my imagination, wasn’t it?

In that case, thank you so much for reading and commenting!

2011/10/03 - 10:28

tenoh27 (Signed )5: The First Time Ever I
Severus is such a doting father... ;)... the baby is very lucky. Thank you!

Author's Response: He does try! Even when it means going through extraordinary measures.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts throught this series.
2011/10/03 - 08:27

debjunk (Signed )4: First Impression
You have a great gift for double entendre.

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad this one managed to fit the bill.
2011/09/07 - 09:06

tenoh27 (Signed )4: First Impression
Hmm.... Severus with a beard? I do think his face will be transformed for the better with a beard. Funny and cute. Thanks.

Author's Response: I agree.  Thanks for reading! 8^D
2011/09/06 - 23:57

MollysSister (Signed )4: First Impression
Ouuuuuuu we need someone to draw a pic of SEverus and his mojo beard! woot!

Author's Response: Mmm! I like the idea, but am unable to draw. I'll leaving it to you to find an artist. Please have them deliver the finished work to my lj.

Thank you for reading!
2011/09/06 - 18:53

Owlbait (Signed )4: First Impression
Mmmmm, bearded Snape. I'll have two, please.

Author's Response: Wait your turn, Greedy Miss! 

Actually, if I had two, I'd be willing to share. Alas, I have none, so we'll all have to do without, won't we?

Thanks for reading.
2011/09/06 - 18:27

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