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Reviews for A Devil on Her Back

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breastlady (Signed )9: Chapter Nine
I know Lucius is a bad guy, but I feel a little sorry for him. An enemy with nothing to live for is much more dangerous than a "Rehabilitated" criminal who feels grateful for a second chance. 
2015/09/24 - 19:43

breastlady (Signed )6: Chapter Six
If Thomas wanted training he is watching the best there is. The poor lad doesn't have a chance in help of ever reaching such heights of knowledge, skills,or power; but one must have something to aspire to.  Once again, poor Hermione. She has equal aspirations. I'm digging this story.
2015/09/24 - 13:03

breastlady (Signed )5: Chapter Five
At least she died for a good cause, eh? Is he starting to care just a little bit? 
2015/09/23 - 23:02

breastlady (Signed )4: Chapter Four
Snape's right. I hate to say it, but Hermione did something right too. She at least listened long enough to know what time the smugglers were expected with the elves and that there is a Port Key that may take them to the culprit and most of all, that Lucius Malfoy was involved. I hope the dunderhead who wanted the cupcakes is in possession of the port key and not the other guy. The other guy can't apperate all the way to Britain. Poor Hermione. She must be mortified. She does look like an over eager know-it-all still. In her defense, she did an excellent job of not talking too much or asking too many questions over the last 2 hrs of their stake out. 
2015/09/23 - 21:43

breastlady (Signed )3: Chapter Three
I really feel sorry for Hermione. And even though Severus is Head Auror it doesn't seem like a very highly esteamed job here in the States. So I feel sorry for him too. I never imagined the backlash you've uncovered from Hermione's efforts to free house elfs that don't want to be freem, dear ks. Who'd of thought the outcome would be homeless, unloved and still unappreciated little beings, with thier reason for being snatched from them. They can't help it if they love their families. It's like loving your mom or dad even if they are a total arse, their your arse. The poor little creatures apparently aren't even as loved as a good dog would be. If I had a house elf I would be a total elf mom. My little guy or gal would be so loved and would sleep at the foot of my bed if they wanted or could have a nest in the cupboard of the side table next to my bed. I'd tell them to wear clean tea towels and find out what color they liked so that I'd have the right ones around. I'd have so many little jobs they could do to make their little house elf hearts sing, and would tell them every day what a good elf they were. I'd make up songs with their names in it and sing it to them and I'd stroke their little ears with love. Hermione is going to need to set up an elf rescue with people who want an elf and promise it would be their forever home. They would need to do a home visit first to see if you were fit to be an elf mom or dad. I might have even liked having children if I had had an elf to help with chores while I spent more time with my kids and finished school too. Instead I sacraficed my degree until the brats left home and they've never left. I was going to have fun someday. Well, it's someday and I'm not having fun; no not at all. I thought I would put 150% into my mom job, raise responsible adults then someday I would finish school and travel. Instead I have lazy louts that don't work and don't clean the house or yard either. I have lovely grandchildren but I'm too tired to really spend as much quality time with them as I wish I could because me and daddy now support 7 people and he is supposed to retire next year, only I don't know how we will afford it. I need to adopt at least 2 sweet widdle housy elfs. They are happy to see you when you get home and don't act like they are 34 going on 17.  Wow, Hermi. I bet you never saw that elf problem coming did you? Snape doesn't seem like he has the heart to order the little girl around either.  I hope she finds her brother and a forever family. Good job at getting me involved, ks. I hope there is SS/HG romance later. 
2015/09/23 - 21:05

breastlady (Signed )1: Chapter One
It's a little bit of a reversal of characters. She's a little be more patient Snape and he's the egar Hermione figure. Oh how jaded we become with disappointment and age. I imagine that what ever she's supposed to be doing in D.C. she will be distracted into searching for our beloved SS.  Great start. I am quite looking forward to the next chapter!  
2015/09/22 - 21:37

sighingsealey (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
I know many have asked for a final chapter, but many fine works of fiction leave some questions unanswered. Hermione is going to face her fears. That's all the audience needs to know. 
2015/08/05 - 14:13

asperil (Signed )2: Chapter Two
Perfect description of a U.S. departmental office. It's only missing some patrotic propaganda on the wall. 
2015/02/03 - 17:33

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
I hadn't paid attention to the chapter count, so to me it was kinda an abrupt end to the story, but still a good one. I'd have liked to see what happened with her parents, and a little more with Snape, but that's ok. I liked the story. :)
2014/12/30 - 13:19

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )9: Chapter Nine
awe, poor Thomas, sounds like he's a goner to me, but maybe there is still hope. continuing on then..
2014/12/30 - 12:50

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )8: Chapter Eight
Hmm, interesting development between the two. And the reason for having the elf was legit, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here. :)
2014/12/29 - 12:41

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )3: Chapter Three
hmm, so I'm kinda curious if Snape is more ticked off that Hermione is there, and now knows he's alive, or more ticked because it's HER there. if it were any other ministry employee, would he even have batted an eye?
2014/12/26 - 23:26

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: Chapter One
hmm, very curious what a bunch of pigs has to do with Snape, and why she's got this bumbling ministry apprentice to feel with, but I guess we'll find out as we go. :)
2014/12/24 - 23:52

Ljpjcg (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
A wonderful first kiss!

Ljpjcg's response: I don't understand why the rest of my review did not show up. I would love to see a continuation of sorts. The adventures of Snape and Hermione's life in America, the fate of the elves and a reappearance of endearing young Thomas. Maybe a Bigfoot sighting =)  I truly enjoyed this tale!

Author's Response: Thank you : )  I certainly have a few ideas for a continuation but haven't had the time to write them down.  I would definitely love to explore more Snape and Hermione adventures in the U.S. (and perhaps a bit of "Meet the Parents" lol) and, of course, there would be at least a cameo for dear Thomas.  Let's hope my schedule let's up soon lol!
2014/02/03 - 15:23

Ljpjcg (Signed )3: Chapter Three
This story is delightful. Full on Snape mode and a feisty Granger holding her own makes for entertaining reading. 

Author's Response: Thank you!  I love a mysterious Snape, and I certainly couldn't let Hermione take this abuse (or at least that's how she sees it) lying down.
2014/02/03 - 13:23

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