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Reviews for Moonlight and Shadow


MayavanavihariniHarini (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
Great twist there! :P
2018/03/09 - 09:10

phoenix (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
Well... um... wow. That is one way to use a prompt in a most surprising and disturbing way. Well done? Should this be complimented and encourage more? LOL Seriously, great unconventional story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I think. :D
2013/05/28 - 10:05

mick42 (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
Dear Crookshanks, I think you should bait your hook, for fish you can fry. 

Author's Response: LOL!!!!!! :D
2013/05/19 - 09:42

anoesis (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
I've never even considered Minerva/Crookshanks before... Er, thank you for enlightening me!

Author's Response: Fortunately, neither has (my) Minerva!
2013/05/08 - 14:31

HBAR (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
This was too funny!  Just, um, no sequel please.  I love the chase, but I don't know if I want to see Crook's deepest desire come to fruition.  :)

Author's Response: Thank you! You're not the only one to warn me off a sequel!!

Poor Crooksie. No one wants you to find true love.
2012/03/11 - 22:24

MlleGigi (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow

Errrrr, *ahem*...Crookshanks/Minerva?  Well, that's certainly a different twist on the usual HP fare!  (Crookshanks, you kinky little devil!)

Author's Response: There's not enough of Crooksie chasing his Minnie, in my opinion. Now, should he actually catch her, we'd have another kettle of fish entirely.

MlleGigi's response: Oh, indeed...given that one of them is human and the other one isn't!  I gather that inter-species romance is possible in the Potterverse -- giants, veela, etc. -- but Crooks and Minerva aren't even in the same order (carnivora vs. primata).  Minerva can turn herself into a cat, but that doesn't mean she is one!

Should I ask how Minerva realized Crooks hasn't been fixed...or am I better off not knowing?  It almost sounds as if he had the cat version (or half-Kneazle version) of a wet dream...

Author's Response: I won't tell you you're right because that would be gross, but I won't tell you you're wrong because I have this policy against lying...  Let's just leave it at: there was... physical evidence of what he was dreaming.
2012/03/11 - 10:54

amr (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
What a kick!  I enjoyed this.  One bit of (I hope) concrit:  I wasn't sure, in the last paragraph, whether Crookshanks was in Minerva's lap (seems unlikely, but the "her" seems to refer to "his lovely love") or Hermione's (the only antecedent would be her name, uttered by Minerva, which can't really serve as an antecedent).  Sorry to be picky, but it's such a lovely little twist, it seems a shame to leave the point in doubt.

Author's Response: thank you for pointing that out. this is, unfortunately, the pre-beta read version of the drabble. linlawless is probably frowning at me as I type.

He is very definitely in Minverva's lap. Else why would she know to complain that he hasn't been neutered?

amr's response: Well, I assumed she knew he hadn't been neutered because he'd been pursuing her in her cat form (else, why complain about him?).  And if he'd annoyed her I didn't think she'd be letting him sleep in her lap!  But you've made it much clearer here, and now I understand.  Sorry to be dense--it must have been my Saturday night that's to blame.

Author's Response: Now you've made me jealous of your Saturday night! 

As to persuing her whilst she's in cat form, not as such. Well, that is, only in his dreams! He annoyed her with what he was doing on her lap.
2012/03/11 - 09:12

linlawless (Signed )1: Moonlight and Shadow
LMAO! This is hilarious.  Crooksie has a crush! Great use of the prompt! 

Author's Response: Thank you!!  I see from another's comments that I uploaded the wrong version, though. Please don't hate me for missing out on your hard beta work!!

linlawless's response: S'okay.  These things happen to all of us. ;)
2012/03/11 - 08:00


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