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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

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the dragon and the rose (Signed )9: Nine
I absolutely loved this one, what a great story! 
2018/04/24 - 08:56

kimjo2 (Signed )9: Nine
Pookamypooka!!  Loved it!  Thanks so much
2018/01/30 - 22:34

roni0811 (Signed )9: Nine
love all the scence!! great scence with minevra... 
2017/11/03 - 05:52

roni0811 (Signed )4: Four
well  hermione is taking over- so happy to read this chapie!!see a one sided friendship blossoming.. onward to see what nextr..
2017/11/03 - 05:32

Is (Anonymous )9: Nine
Lovely !
2017/10/31 - 04:01

Kendra (Anonymous )8: Eight
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2017/08/20 - 08:47

kass42 (Signed )9: Nine
I love how you write this pair!
2017/06/25 - 20:23

Clara Songthrush (Signed )9: Nine
Very nice! (for the record, Poppy's infirmary and Severus' infirmity are two different things...)
2017/05/25 - 08:47

deejay (Anonymous )9: Nine
I have always enjoyed your stories. I wanted to check Ashwinder to see if I missed any and got a message that the site was disabled!! I hope none of your work was lost.
2017/05/23 - 23:53

loreen77 (Signed )9: Nine
Yippee, just as fun the second time around.  But sadly it's an hour past my bedtime and I got to work tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story that's so great that I stayed up late reading it again!!
2017/05/19 - 21:35

loreen77 (Signed )1: One
 I've already read this over at Ashwinder.  But was so happy to see it posted here also  that I decided to enjoy it a second time and leave you more happy reviews. The idea of being trapped frozen inside one's own body is truly horrifying. It's the stuff of nightmares as far as I'm concerned. 
2017/05/19 - 20:35

ladyljd (Signed )9: Nine
Well that was nice.  Abrupt but nice.  Sorry to see you giving up on Potterverse story telling.  Good luck with your writing.
2017/03/27 - 12:25

Sampdoria (Signed )9: Nine
Such a wonderful story. Well plotted and well written as always:-)
2017/03/27 - 03:20

mick42 (Signed )9: Nine
A lovely ending, thank you.
2017/03/24 - 12:07

mikimoto (Signed )9: Nine
It is nice to see everyone with a hope and a future... and a bit of peace and calm.  Thanks so much for sharing your imagination with us.
2017/03/23 - 08:51

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