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Reviews for Idiot's Repose

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ijJOCVmZc8 (Anonymous )1: One
Criminy. Alex Smith seems to be reverting back to timid land. We will see how AZ goes, and I sure hope we keep up the deeper routes to clear out the underneath, but I fear that teams may start loading up the box again in an attempt to stall our running game and our checkdowns. I think Ma78&nghami#n21n;s absence really hurt the offense last game, as Crabs was up to his old non-ability to get off the line clean self. He seems to get frustrated by physical corners.
2017/03/28 - 12:43

ladyljd (Signed )9: Nine
Well that was nice.  Abrupt but nice.  Sorry to see you giving up on Potterverse story telling.  Good luck with your writing.
2017/03/27 - 12:25

Sampdoria (Signed )9: Nine
Such a wonderful story. Well plotted and well written as always:-)
2017/03/27 - 03:20

mick42 (Signed )9: Nine
A lovely ending, thank you.
2017/03/24 - 12:07

mikimoto (Signed )9: Nine
It is nice to see everyone with a hope and a future... and a bit of peace and calm.  Thanks so much for sharing your imagination with us.
2017/03/23 - 08:51

Severus00 (Signed )8: Eight
I am enjoying this story a lot. Thank you for sharing it 
2017/03/13 - 21:26

HBAR (Signed )8: Eight
Been reading this while under the weather, so lack of reviews for other chapters has nothing to do with the story and everything to do with me being tired and lazy.  I love that her potion worked and that they have a budding relationship forming.  I do think the direct approach is best with these two.  If there are too many misunderstandings, you would need a lot more than a couple chapters to resolve this thing.  Not that I'm complaining about more chapters ...
2017/03/13 - 10:11

HBAR (Signed )2: Two
Poor Severus!  Being in the dark and not being able to communicate must be maddening.  Still, I hope it works out well in the end.
2017/03/13 - 02:44

HBAR (Signed )1: One
Oh no!  If he is buried alive this would surely be a shorter story, right?  Right?!  Sigh.  Could someone just get Poppy so Severus (and I) can rest easier?  Glad to see another new story from you!
2017/03/13 - 02:34

mick42 (Signed )8: Eight
 I don't think Hermione will put up too much of a fight.
2017/03/10 - 01:48

Emily (Anonymous )8: Eight
I've been checking back every day for an update since discovering this story a few weeks ago, thank you for making my night! I'll be checking out your blog for more information on your writing as I've always loved your work here. 
2017/03/08 - 18:25

mikimoto (Signed )8: Eight
I like the way they are one another's captive audience.
2017/03/07 - 09:18

mikimoto (Signed )4: Four
Could there be a better choice for a man who can do nothing but listen and fantasize than a soft-porn romance novel being read by a feminine voice?
2017/03/07 - 08:47

mikimoto (Signed )1: One

(I moved this comment from the duplicate posting so it didn't disappear with the posting)

I sometimes wonder if the worse torture is the unrelenting voice in our head.  How frustrating it must be for someone who has been able to manipulate things magically to be so impotent.

I am wondering of Flitwick is really incompetent or if he is getting revenge for 20 years of short jokes.

2017/03/07 - 08:09

mick42 (Signed )7: Seven
Slowly but surely he is coming back to life.
2017/03/05 - 01:38

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