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Reviews for Island of Enchantment


Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: One-shot.
I liked it very much. I feel like going on holiday now.


Author's Response: lol, so do I! *misses my suntan*

Thanks for the review!
2006/10/14 - 16:17

janis (Signed )1: One-shot.

Cute story!  I think I liked the first one better for the development of the characters, but this one was very good for the action and as a follow up.  They're both quite good and I'm looking forward to the others you plan to write.

By the way, I noticed that togspled had a question about your Spanish.  You merely had a typo.  "Vámanos" is the imperative form and means "Let's go."  It's definitely correct. 

If you ever have any questions about Spanish grammar or spelling, feel free to email me.  I grew up speaking Spanish and went to the University of Madrid.

And I had pernil asado, arroz amarillos, habichuelas y jugo de parcha for dinner tonight. Yum!





Author's Response: *headdesk* And to think I plan on writing two more sequels in Puerto Rico... hopefully I can get the Spanish right in them. And if I don't, thanks for the offer. =]

I also like the first story better, but the sequel is a nice bit of action-packed fluff, hehe.

Pernil y arroz? *tries not to squee*

Gracias por tu review.

2006/10/13 - 19:26

Gardengirl (Signed )1: One-shot.
Delish! I hope your muse continues to feed you these little tidbits.

Author's Response: Thank you! My muse was feeding me flan and arroz con pollo when I was in Puerto Rico over the summer, and I will hopefully finish this trilogy (which has other pairings). =]
2006/10/11 - 15:50

togspled (Signed )1: One-shot.
Muy, muy bien.

Tengo un poquito problema con su conjugacion de ir. Pienso que es: voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van. Pero, te usas vamamos. Yo se la forma de vaminos, pero nunca oist`e vamamos. Quizas la hay en un dialogo diferente. No se.

Menos de este, escritiste una fabula interasante. Me gusta mucho.


Author's Response: Mi español no es muy bien, y creo que yo escuché la palabra mal. Ahora cambié a "vamonos." Mi madre es de Puerto Rico, pero yo nací y vivo en los Estados Unidos.

I wish I could say the rest in Spanish, but there are probably errors in every sentence written above. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing - this is my first Spanish review! =]

togspled's response: lol. you did pretty well. thats awesome to incorporate your family history into a story.

2006/10/11 - 02:32


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