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Reviews for A Mess in the Kitchen

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snapify52 (Signed )3: Part III
Best witchy-cackle-producing line ever: "Take me to your dungeon." Mwahahahah!
2012/04/09 - 14:15

droxy (Signed )3: Part III
Delightfully seductive Snape here.
2011/12/10 - 12:09

droxy (Signed )2: Part II
Snape is playing with a loaded deck and he knows it. =)
Knowitall or not, H can't deny she's female.
2011/12/10 - 12:04

droxy (Signed )1: Part I
Oh this is a seductive one....
2011/12/10 - 11:58

Esmiralda (Signed )3: Part III
Very funny story.  I like Molly's comment.  Good point remembering the number of Weasley offspring.
2011/06/11 - 18:10

Esmiralda (Signed )3: Part III
Very funny story.  I like Molly's comment.  Good point remembering the number of Weasley offspring.
2011/06/11 - 18:07

kimjo2 (Signed )3: Part III
cute and very real.  thanks

Author's Response: Thanks!
2009/01/09 - 14:51

Prof M McGonagall (Signed )3: Part III
LOL!  Please don't do anything on the counters... poor Molly!  This was a fun set of drabbles.  And you're right; savine_snape's banner is perfect for the counter scene.

Author's Response: Poor Molly, indeed!

Thank you for coming over to read! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And I looooove her banner. :-)
2008/05/07 - 19:42

droxy (Signed )3: Part III
Squee.  Funny I dont remember thsi being posted...I musht have been drunk. XD

Author's Response: Oh, it was! :-) You are an absolutely fabulous woman. *hugs*
2008/04/27 - 21:33

leonx8238 (Anonymous )3: Part III
Oh i love this!!! Why have i never read this before?!!? Severus is just wonderful, wicked yet not. Perfect!!! Thank you for making my day a little brighter.

Author's Response: Thank you! This is one of my favorite Severuses that I've written.
2007/12/12 - 06:57

MollysSister (Signed )3: Part III
You wrote the whole drabble series just so you could use the line “Take me to your dungeon.” I just know it! :)

Author's Response: Actually (surprisingly!) I didn't. I initially only wanted this to be what is "part one", but was encouraged by gs100 members to keep it going... the last line was just an unexpected pleasure. Glad you liked it!
2007/08/06 - 20:38

MollysSister (Signed )2: Part II
Im with Hermione, he sounds obessive!

Author's Response: Definitely. :)
2007/08/06 - 20:35

MollysSister (Signed )1: Part I
ouuuu there was a spat! Perhaps an appology is needed Mr. Snape?

Author's Response: But does he ever apologize? :)
2007/08/06 - 20:34

Slytherin Sarcasm (Signed )3: Part III
I WONT TO GO TO HIS DUNGEON!not fair...sigh...I loved it, well written.

Author's Response: I want to, too! ;) Thanks so much; I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
2006/11/23 - 23:55

Corazon (Signed )3: Part III

Author's Response: Thank you. :)
2006/11/22 - 20:33

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