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Reviews for See Snape. See Snape Run. Run, Snape, Run

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_oa_ (Signed )8: Mapping Indiscretions
Really enjoyed it. Very funny and a bit insane. 
2017/09/14 - 19:27

_oa_ (Signed )2: And the proud new parents are...
His is brilliant and hilarious!
2017/09/14 - 07:49

cmwinters (Signed )8: Mapping Indiscretions
Caligula is quite fun!
2013/09/02 - 06:50

braye27 (Signed )1: The Beginning
A small red face with brown eyes and horns? What on earth had Neville done this time?  LOL!


2013/08/30 - 17:50

jessajohns (Signed )8: Mapping Indiscretions
Even though this story is now quite AU, I appreciate that you are sticking with your original premise and storyline.  I got several good chuckles out of this latest chapter.  I had to start reading the story over again the other day, since I last read it in 2007.
2013/08/29 - 23:07

jessajohns (Signed )7: One Malfoy, two Malfoies?
I love the knicknames for Malfoy and Moody.  Malfoy isn't quite as buff as Fabio, but he sure has the hair for it!
2013/08/29 - 22:19

mick42 (Signed )2: And the proud new parents are...
Sorry Neville  ,not your fault after all. Can't wait to see how they cope with parenthood.
2013/08/29 - 11:15

mick42 (Signed )1: The Beginning
Oh dear, I wonder what Neville has brought forth this time.
2013/08/29 - 10:04

Very Small Prophet (Signed )1: The Beginning
What is Neville doing in NEWT-level potions? He can't have gotten an Outstanding on his Potions OWL.
2013/08/28 - 19:54

sunny33 (Signed )6: The eponymous chapter
Hiding in the Head Girls room, an inspiration!
2008/08/09 - 04:15

sunny33 (Signed )5: The Calm before the Mild Meteorological Event...
Poor ickle Ronnikins indeed!
2008/08/09 - 04:07

sunny33 (Signed )4: Baby Rearing 102
Caligula's playroom could have been designed by his namesake!
2008/08/09 - 03:59

sunny33 (Signed )3: Baby Rearing 101
anything that can make a whole table of 'Puffs faint has got to be funny!
2008/08/09 - 03:45

sunny33 (Signed )2: And the proud new parents are...
Demon-baby!  I've met a few of those...
2008/08/09 - 03:33

sunny33 (Signed )1: The Beginning
Oh dear, what has Neville created?
2008/08/09 - 03:16

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