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Reviews for The Weasleys of Oz

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jadecadence (Signed )1: The Arrival
many of us don't read wips.... so complete it.
2014/01/18 - 13:08

kimjo2 (Signed )8: The Weasleys of Oz
i haven't laughed so much in so long!  this is absoeffinglutely brilliant!  you rock so much more than i can possibly express.  thanks so much and i look forward to the rest!
2008/11/26 - 16:14

reets67 (Signed )8: The Weasleys of Oz
George looked at his twin, and Fred looked away, frowning. “Oh,” he said. “Actually we were just thinking you could steal it or something. I mean... heh... I dunno about killing her. That’s a little much, don’t you think, Scaregnome?” *laughs again*

Well now I am caught up. I really have enjoyed your writing and I am looking forward to the coming chapters - in which i will not eat, drink or have the cat on my lap when I read them *chuckles*. This has also brought back some pleasant memories of my school days when I was in the small orchestra that played for the school production of The wizard of Oz.

Ho-Ho-Ho. and a couple of tra -la-las...


Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for all of your lovely comments! You have seriously (or is that Siriusly?) made my day. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that you're enjoying my fic. I was going to take a break before starting the next chapter, but I just don't think I can do that now. :D I'm off to begin working on it!

reets67's response:

*Evil laugh* I'll get you yet my pretty!

He He! Seriously I am taken aback that you are continuing straight on... Thankyou so much because I have been really taken in with it. But if you or the muse need a break it will be OK too.

2008/11/17 - 05:30

reets67 (Signed )7: The Palace Guard and the King of the Forest
A couple of smirk worthy moments supplied by Snape in what I assume was a difficult chapter to write due to the copious rhyming/clang associations needed. Really well done and impressive.


reets67's response: Ohhh I nearly forgot to tell you love Filch and Mrs Norris - his dry humour/straight delivery made me smile. Especially his line about the sweets.
2008/11/17 - 05:13

reets67 (Signed )6: The Emerald City
"But everyone abruptly stopped singing when Tin Man Snape stood up in the carriage to loudly inform everyone that he had an axe and was more than inclined to use it." and "The workers at the Emerald City parlor were planning on buffing and shining Tin Man Snape, but he complained to the manager about “inappropriate touching of clientele.” Instead, he had his axe sharpened. -OMG! So so good! *bursts into laughter and scares cat resulting in blood been drawn!*

“S-E-R-E-N-D-E-R H-A-I-R-Y!” Hoo-hooo-Ha-Ha! *Bursts into laughter again, but thankfully cat has gone. Clutches sides and tears roll down face*

and Scaregnome Hermione scoffed. “And the doorman thought we were the illiterate ones!” *continues laughing madly*

Oh this chapter is brilliant! Plus I love your casting of Fudge - perfect! Didn't the horse change colours in the movie?- a horse of any colour or many colours I think....


2008/11/17 - 05:03

reets67 (Signed )5: The Attacking Foliage
“Damnit! Why did I have to be born without thumbs?” he cried. - Great line in a great story.

The bickering is pure Ron and Hermione. Nice incorporation of Canon into the story once again - The Devil's Snare part is where they are walking through the poppy fields I take it.

2008/11/17 - 04:42

reets67 (Signed )4: The Lion
ROFL! Oh my you do write so well...the song line about Aragog cracked me up and the lovely dovetaining in of canon Padfoot dragging him by the ankle - brilliant.

Hmmm...Snape not afraid of the boggart....perhaps he likes wearing Emerald velvet (He He!)

2008/11/17 - 04:23

reets67 (Signed )3: The Tin Man
 Why did I try to eat a sandwich and read this? - sheer idiocy! Unless I am trying to kill myself by choking.

Eyes widening, Scaregnome Hermione interrupted him, “You haven’t got a heart? But everybody has a heart!”

“Oh, really? You mean like everybody has a brain?” he asked sardonically.

Gods! that's pure Hermione and Snape.

This is 24k Snape gold!
I'd be tender; I'd be gentle and awful sentimental.
It’s enough to make me barf.
I could find myself a wife, who would be sure to cause me strife.
If I had a heart.
Picture me—a family. Think of all those brats.
It wouldn’t take me long to kill the prats.

This is so wonderful, thankyou. The only problem I am having with this now is that I am having crossover issues with this and Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The original British 1980s series. Marvin the Paranoid Android was tall and metallic like the tin-man. This crossover comes where the new Marvin in the recent movie (short white and squat) is voiced by Alan Rickman- AAARRGH! LOL! A classic Marvinism is "And you think you have problems."

He he! No probs really after being jollied up by this great fic.
Off to read the next one....
2008/11/17 - 04:16

reets67 (Signed )2: The Scare... gnome?
Nice casting...

Great Characterisation...
My head’d be filled with knowledge.
I’d be able to go to college.
My hair, I’d learn to tame.
I’d instruct all of my friends, and my lectures would never end.

Next chapter... He He!
2008/11/17 - 03:51

reets67 (Signed )1: The Arrival
Weeheeheee!Alba coming out of a lemondrop...suppose it's a variation on the closet (He He). Then quickly followed by - Are you serious/Sirius!! Love it ! Love it! I love all of this from the house elf munckins to Harry's checkered lederhosen hotpants...I am trying to think ahead to who would be who. Now that Lucius has snaffled the other wicked witch role...

Emerald City? Ah, crap, I hope they aren’t Slytherins.” I nearly choked on my drink!

I once thought od writing a Wizard of Oz cross over fic, but it died a merciful death early. Your writing is as good as it can get in my book...

I'mmmm off the read the next chapeter....wee Hee!
2008/11/17 - 03:48

LuvSeverus (Signed )7: The Palace Guard and the King of the Forest
The Wizard of Oz is on TV randomly and I'm reading in tandem and it's amusing me to no end. Good job, I especially like the changing of the song bits. I would have said that Neville would have made a more apropos Cowardly Lion and Ron as the Scarecrow but Tin Man Snape is super funny.

Author's Response: Thank you! Before I started writing the story, I experimented with different HP characters playing the major WoO characters and Neville as the Lion and Ron as the Scarecrow were some of my top candidates. However, I didn't want to leave out the trio, and there was never any doubt in my mind who I would be cast as the Tin Man. I thought it was rather fitting since in both the musical and the original books, the Scarecrow was actually very intelligent and the Lion was never all that cowardly when it truly counted (of course, the same could be said of both Neville and Ron, but as I said before, I didn't want to leave out the trio). Reading while watching the movie is probably the best way to do it since I read the next scene of the script before I write the next chapter, and I try carefully to match them up. Thanks again! :)
2008/11/16 - 21:32

peppermint (Signed )8: The Weasleys of Oz

This is just the kind of silly fun that I needed, everybody has been writing so much angst and straight romance lately.
2008/11/16 - 21:29

peppermint (Signed )1: The Arrival

I am ROLLING!!!!

Is it sad I was singing along?

Author's Response: Not at all! :D I was hoping people would just because I've had so much fun writing the songs. I think singing along makes the story that much more entertaining to read.
2008/11/16 - 21:13

dawnstar (Signed )8: The Weasleys of Oz
Wonderfully ridiculous!  This is a real treat to read.

Author's Response: Thank you! "Wonderfully ridiculous" is exactly what i've been going for. :D
2008/11/16 - 20:17

slytherensangel26 (Signed )7: The Palace Guard and the King of the Forest
lmao! that was so funny! ha ha!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D I'm glad you're enjoying the story.
2008/04/03 - 19:44

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