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Reviews for Human Touch


mick42 (Signed )1: One-shot
I feel much more satisfied after reading " Human Touch" than I did after reading  "Colors". It is so much more  layered, and complex, Severus belives he has influenced Hermione, to come over to his side, but I think Hermione has had an influence on him too. Thats the great thing about your ending, your readers' imagination can lead them down so many different paths', into the light, or into the dark, it's up to our own imagination. Thank you.   

Author's Response: Oh, you found it!  HAHA! I also felt that this story filled in a lot of the gaps.  And yes, you can imagine any outcome that you want!!! thanks for your comments.
2013/02/26 - 06:33

Mafer_Potter (Signed )1: One-shot
I loooved this, so so much! :O It must be because I love Snape, but I like his POV more that Hermione's! Amazing! I loved the plot! :D

Author's Response: Yes, Snape's a more wordly, jaded charachter than Hermione, so his perspective reflects that. 

Glad you liked the story and thanks for reviewing!
2009/11/14 - 18:52

Ophelia82 (Signed )1: One-shot
So I'm over on Ashwinder looking through the Recently Added and on a whim I look into Beaweasley2's "The Self-Writing Parchment". At the end of the first chapter she references Averygoodun's "Traitor" here on Poetess as her prime muse for the story. So I pop on over here and read through "Traitor" at the end of which she acknowledges your work as contributing to her muse, so I came looking. And there you go. The not-quite-six-degrees of seperation in the world of HP fanfics. So far I've read Colors and Human Touch and I think your writing is just fabulous. You took the concept of a magical bonding between Serverus and Hermione, which is not a new theme, and put a unique and intriguing spin on it. I really enjoyed the exploration of thoughts and emotions you illustrated on both sides, starting with canon character and drifting to something darker but lovely as the bonding progressed. I'm off to read Shades now, I'm confident it will be equally wonderful. Great work and thank you for sharing it!

Author's Response: My brain made the same progression when I read the self-writing parchment too...  I often wonder how many unacknowledged influences there are out there.  I always try to give credit if I use someone else's idea (as you will see in Shades).  That one is my opus so far and I am fairly happy with it.  But objectively, I think colors is the tightest, most engrossing story I have written--despite its darkness. 

Thank you for your very kind words about my writing.  I know my verbose style is not for everyone, so it really makes me happy when another reader gives me the thumbs up.  Thanks, too, for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
2007/10/16 - 18:41

Bambu (Signed )1: One-shot
A very nice exploration of the distaff side of your earlier work.  I quite liked your explanation of empathy, and loved seeing Snape acclimate to the unexpected boon of the Iunctus Potentia.

As always, I enjoy reading what you write.

Author's Response: Hi Bambu!  Glad you liked this one in spite of its "dark" slant.
2007/07/23 - 23:20

FruGal (Signed )1: One-shot
I liked the story, but it feels like it needs a sequel. I wouldn't trustthe maniacal Voldy not to kill them both if he thoght the pair had a chance of becoming more powerful than him.

Author's Response: ditto
2007/07/22 - 16:36

FruGal (Signed )1: One-shot
I liked the story, but it feels like it needs a sequel. I wouldn't trust the maniacal Voldy not to kill them both if he thought the pair had a chance of becoming more powerful than he.

Author's Response: I don't plan on continuing this story as I have pretty much wrapped up all the loose ends left from Colors with this piece.  As you say, Voldie could have bad intentions toward them, but I will leave those up to the readers' imagination.  Thanks for taking the time to review!
2007/07/22 - 16:33

sinbad (Signed )1: One-shot
interesting story and Snape is almost turning into a good guy (I dont think he realises the bond is effecting his emotions) as opposed to a death eater.

Author's Response: Glad you picked up on the changes in Snape... Hermione may have become less "moral" under the influence of the bond, but Snape has indeed gone in the other direction. Thanks for the review.
2007/07/22 - 08:40

Maddie (Signed )1: One-shot
As much as I do not like to think about an evil Snape, I enjoyed reading your story (it's companion story also). Snape seems to have had a very good reason for keeping people away from his person.

Author's Response: I am gratified that you liked the story.  I felt that at least some personality traits could be explained by a bit of backstory.  Thanks for letting me know what you thought.
2007/07/21 - 22:10

wolfen18 (Signed )1: One-shot
Very well written. Can I be optimistic in waiting for more of this story at a later date?

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words.  Sorry, but I don't intend to continue this story line any further.
2007/07/21 - 18:36

ayerf (Signed )1: One-shot

Great to see this story from the other side!

It certainly explains a lot about Severus in a very satisying tale.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!  I am gratified that you found it both entertaining and that my Snape (and his backstory) made sense to you.
2007/07/21 - 15:09


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