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Reviews for The Unsentimental Arithmancer


yTuamgeuvmBIU (Anonymous )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
. . .. . . that I belong in Ravenclaw!Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose ingeclitenle is surest.” scored me:95% Ravenclaw,88% Hufflepuff,69% Gryffindor,49% Slytherin. HP Fanfic ResourcesFavorite Places on the WebOur Mirror of ErisedFor lovers of AU HP fanfic and rare pairs.Where I archive my downloadable fics of all ratings.All friendly adult fans of AU HP fanfic and uncommon noncanon 'ships welcome!
2012/10/01 - 22:31

nJAZkldmEDLRnTnfJ (Anonymous )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
Hi, Regina! I was glad to finally fiisnh formatting Death's Dominion for Kindle. I'd done a lot of it a couple months ago, then stopped when I'd gotten to the really tedious, picky part of fixing the coding for the chapter breaks. I was pleased with the way it turned out, though. It was fun to do the covers in the spirit of the original story banners, as well. I hope you do get a Kindle for Christmas! I love mine! I think that ereaders are great, and the Kindle was the perfect ereader for me.
2012/09/29 - 06:42

XkXCONhVKbqhPsv (Anonymous )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
Heather J. - It was a lot of fun! I hope you both enjoyed it! :)Sylvie - The stieors themselves were great! Chris - I am kind of glad I got to see it at least, but also that I got my refund. ;)Nymeth - I thought the stieors were wonderful. I look forward to your review. Kailana - I know you're not a fan of Harry Potter. It was a fun, short book though. :)Bellezza - Amazon is always pretty good about refunds, and the Collector's Edition is a product like any other really. I'll be getting the UK standard edition the next time I order books. saveophelia - For me it wasn't worth the money but there are plenty of people who seem happy with theirs.Fyrefly - Something to look forward to! :)Michelle - From the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, there have been complaints by other people about the quality of the book, but then others seem to be fine. Hopefully you'll get a good one!Iliana - You definitely wouldn't have to have read the Harry Potter books to read this one. Dumbledore's notes occasionally make an allusion to something from the main story, but nothing major. Have you seen the films?Nancy - I debated for a couple of days but thinking of all the books I could buy with that money instead, well... I think I made the right choice! :PKris - I know I'm not alone because there have been others complaining about the quality. Hopefully you'll get a good one, but at least it's possible to return it if you're not happy with it. Kim L - I don't usually bother with collector's editions either but thought this one sounded fun. Oh well, at least I got to see it. Enjoy the stieors! :)
2012/09/29 - 06:02

Alcina vom Steinsberg (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
I've finally read this - on my kindle, thanks again ;o) - but I hope it's all right if I review it here.
Really a lovely episode, with again wonderfully fleshed-out characters and a cute Albus side note. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying having the stories on your Kindle. :-) I love my Kindle, and even though I've always read a lot, I'm reading even more now.

I'm glad you liked this little Gertrude Gamp fic. It was fun to envision her young and carefree in the early days of her marriage.

2012/01/16 - 04:47

Fishy (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer

On hearing that the two were marrying, Dumbledore had sent them a registered Portkey to Malta, with return, and a letter explaining that there were rooms reserved for them at a wizarding inn for three nights of their honeymoon. If they did not wish to use the reservation and Portkey at that time, they could change everything all at once by contacting a particular travel agency in Diagon Alley, which would be happy to take care of all of the arrangements for them.

Well... damn!

Fishy's response: *snip*

“I did invite him, Trude, but he declined,” Reg said, interrupting. “He claims that he wants to spend it with Bedivere and his phoenix, eating shepherd’s pie and Christmas sweets.”

Aye, that would be our Albus - can't go having TOO much pleasure like visiting friends and being merry! *snerk*

Author's Response: LOL! Glad you enjoyed that bit! He is a tad retiring in this story, and also comfortable with his own company, and that of his avian friends!

Fishy's response: *snip*

Three minutes later, Reg burst into the room. “That was fantastic, Dumbledore! Just . . . amazing! I’ve heard of such things, but . . . words fail me! How does it work?”

Albus laughed and showed Reginald how to activate his mirror to speak to his wife, then he explained, “Both of your mirrors are connected with each other and with the large mirror, so if Gertrude is at home and she doesn’t have her mirror with her, you can speak to her through this mirror, wherever you decide to place it. If you leave the doors open between rooms, she should at least be able to hear you call her while she is in an adjacent room. Or, of course, if she is away from home and you are here, she can speak with you in the same manner.”

Magical IPhones!

Author's Response: Yes, very much magical iPhones! LOL! (And you may have noticed -- or not! -- their reappearance in LVS. )

Fishy's response: *snip*

“And this one is from me, Albus,” Gertrude said, Levitating another gift from beneath the tree, this one wrapped in plain red paper, a gold ribbon tied neatly around it. She lowered it gently into his lap. “I saw it and immediately thought of you,” she said shyly. “I hope you like it.”

Albus unwrapped this gift with equal care, and a slight smile reached his lips as his efforts revealed a dark wooden box inlaid with lighter woods in patterns of climbing ivy vines.

“Lift the lid, Albus,” she instructed.

He did so, and a beautiful instrumental rendition of “The Holly and the Ivy” issued from the box. Albus smiled in delight.

Oh HO! Gertie is already calculating Albus' destiny with Minerva? How very intrigueing!

Author's Response: She didn't, but it was a very happy coincidence, or as Sadie Pengaree might say, synchronicity! :D

Fishy's response: *snip*

Dinner was perfect, and afterward as they ate their pudding, Albus drew a box of Christmas crackers from his basket and insisted that they pull them. In the end, they pulled six crackers, the final one letting off a flurry of indoor-safe fireworks, terrifying poor Bedivere, who hid beneath Albus’s beard and couldn’t be coaxed out with anything.

*snorts* AHAHAHAHA!

Author's Response: Glad you like little Bedivere in Albus's beard! lol!
2011/09/29 - 08:21

Fishy (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer

On hearing that the two were marrying, Dumbledore had sent them a registered Portkey to Malta, with return, and a letter explaining that there were rooms reserved for them at a wizarding inn for three nights of their honeymoon. If they did not wish to use the reservation and Portkey at that time, they could change everything all at once by contacting a particular travel agency in Diagon Alley, which would be happy to take care of all of the arrangements for them.

Well... damn!

Author's Response: Pretty nice wedding present, isn't it? ;-)
2011/09/29 - 08:07

Mars_M (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
Wonderful how Gertrude knows so vey well what she wants -Reginald - and creates umpty opportunities to chance a meeting with him, stealing visits to her brother. 

The feeling that strongly emanates from this story, is that Gertrude and Reginald seem such a "natural" couple. The love between them has a feeling of peace about it, of being home together. And yet the passion is there, as it should, and even though we don't get a look inside their bedroom, still their passion seems to have a different feeling than that of Albus and Minerva. 

I find all these different hues for different relations very impressive: not being a writer myself, I am fascinated to see you being able to write these truly differrent characters and that you are able to port that difference even into the colour of their relation and their passion.  

Oh, I love Bedivere, so aptly named after the
one armed Arthurian Knight, and an utterly valiant one at that. Yes, Albus surely knew his legends and put it to good use  in this case :-)
(properly pondered, i hope, with a bit of help from google ) 

You know, Bedivere is just such a colourful
little addition to the story, and yet he may not be "necessary" for the story-line, but this little owl exemplifies how you succeed to make your stories as enchanting as they are! 

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm really glad you like Bedivere. I felt he was just right for the story, and his presence said something about Albus, as well as adding to the general atmosphere of the Christmas celebration.

And you're right about Bedivere's name!

I'm glad you enjoy seeing all the different relationships between characters, and how these relationships are even varied when in their more intimate moments. I do enjoy exploring characters & their relationships with others, and seeing the characters as expressed in those relationships, so I'm very happy that you see this in my stories.

I do think that Gertrude and Reginald are natural together, and very much at ease and at home with each other.

Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad you liked the story!
2011/03/29 - 18:56

Regina Demonica (Anonymous )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
Gertrude Gamp is fantastic here. She always was one of my favorites among your OCs, and it's nice to see her when she was younger. 

Reginald Crouch, too; it's nice to get to know him a little better, and when he's happier.

I love the little owl, Bedivere. He's adorable.  

Author's Response: Bedivere is one of my own sentimental favorites, so I'm glad you like him!

Very glad that you enjoyed seeing Gertrude as a young woman here, and her romance with Reginald. It was nice to write something happy for her, knowing what would later befall her.

Thanks for the review!
2011/02/11 - 16:11

stardragon (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer

A nice, warm and fuzzy fic! I like seeing more about Gertrude, and now learning about Reginald, too. They are very sweet together. Quiet and comfortable, but a lot of spark, too! Gertrude is a gem.

Albus is wonderful, as always. It's fun to see a different aspect of his life, his pre-Prof days! Just the right mix of confirmed bachelor, maybe a little lonely, but not brooding. I liked hearing about Aberforth, too. LOL about the Capricorn goat meeting!

The gifts were awesome, and loved loved Bedivere. :-)

Thanks for the gift! Merry Christmas!

Author's Response:

You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Of course, LOL, Albus is not a "confirmed bachelor" in the traditional double-meaning of the term -- not this Albus, anyway! Haha! Just settled into his fairly solitairy existence as a scholar. Glad you liked the Capricorn goat gathering -- I have a little story about Aberforth that might make its way into RaM at some point, or into some other story, depending. . .  .

I'm very glad you liked Gertrude here as a very young woman, happy in her marriage to her dream man. But I'm especially glad you loved Bedivere. I always wanted to give Albus that little owl, but Bedivere just didn't fit into RaM, so I was very happy to be able to use him here. 

Thank you very much for reviewing! 

stardragon's response:

I had to pop back on and beg--just a little<g>--to share your Aberforth story at some point! I've gotten quite attached to Aberforth since we learned more about him in DH.

LOL, I didn't even think about the double-meaning. No, our dear Albus does not truly fit the term by any definition, ha!

Author's Response:

Well, you do beg very prettily! *grin* It's been floating around in my mind for some time, so it may eventually come out -- as long as I ocntinue to write fanfic, of course. RaM had been in my head as an almost full-blown idea for a few months before I started to write it, and some of the ideas in it had been around longer than that, but I never thought I'd write any fanfic. Finally, though, I almost had to write RaM. And it's been a lovely distraction from RL, but it will be good to be finished with it and remember what I used to do with my free time before! I used to read fanfic, I remember . . .

Anyway, I will see if I can't slip in my little Aberforth tale, at least a brief version of it, at some point in RaM. I do have ideas for other one-shots, but I don't know if I will write them or not. We'll see! (I'd like to do a Malcolm/Tru one-shot, but people don't tend to read OC fics, and they don't really review them much, either, so that's likely a story that will die on the vine.)

Thanks for letting me know you would like to hear Aberforth's little story. I will do my best to work it in somewhere for you!

2007/12/21 - 20:45

flamingphoenix (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
What an adorable story!  I loved the background on Gertie.  It's great to see her expressing emotion & being impulsive.  This is a side that we don't get to see in RaM. 

& the little owl, Bedivere...too cute!  I would guess that he is named Bedivere after Sir Bedivere, one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, who only had one hand, which is appropriate because the owl is missing part of its left foot. 

Isn't it sad that I know this off of the top of my head.  I'm such an Arthurian legend freak!

Anyways...great story!  I can't wait until RaM is updated again!  I can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It's great you knew who Bedivere was and why Albus named his little owl after him. I've always wanted to have Albus have this little owl, but he just never fit anywhere, so I was glad to be able to have him here.

Thank you very much for the review! 

2007/12/20 - 14:17

Fallen_Angel_Mione (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer
Aw, this is such a cute little Christmas fic and tie-in to RaM. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
2007/12/20 - 10:22

HogwartsDuo (Signed )1: The Unsentimental Arithmancer

What a great story and I never thought I'd say that about a story centering around Gertie Gamp! 

I love Reg and how shy and reserved he was at first and then gradually opened up and fell in love. Awwwwww! It certainly was fun to see a different side of Gertie, the more relaxed and easy going side of her personality.

Albus is, AS ALWAYS, ADORABLE!!!  ;D I thought it was wonderful that he sent them such an amazing wedding present. Ahhh, Malta...to visit there one day...dreamy sigh. And then the Christmas gifts were spectacular. I love the idea of the mirrors and especially that he gave Gertie the mirror that belonged to his mother. That was an especially nice touch.

Reg teasing Gertie about Albus having a crush on her was cute, in an odd sort of way. I do love the interaction between them and it was wonderful to see how their friendship developed over time.

In short...another FANTASTIC JOB!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year!!!!


*Oh and btw, I think I know the answer to the owl question but I'll send it to you privately so I don't ruin it for anyone else. LOL

Author's Response:

Thank you very much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Albus gives good gifts! Wish I were on his Christmas list! LOL

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas, as well! 

2007/12/20 - 09:09


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