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Reviews for The Lone Son


Rose of the West (Signed )1: The Letter
That's an interesting thought.  I know there's a lot of heartbreak for some families because of this.  I think this is a beautifully written description of how  the conversation might go.

Author's Response: I have thought way too much about stuff like this.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.
2009/12/07 - 19:05

MollysSister (Signed )1: The Letter
Not that I think it would be a good idea to have more Malfoys running around but...a perfect example of their pureblood prejudiced.

Author's Response: Thanks.  It means so much to me that you liked one thing I wrote enough to go find my other stuff and then leave reviews!  Thanks :)
2009/02/11 - 13:44

beaweasley2 (Signed )1: The Letter
Oh, how heart breaking. What is it about her blood that Muggles know and wizards don't?  Leave it to Luicus to not even consider a Muggle remedy. But Draco will become too pampered for it.

Author's Response: Thank you.  It has to do with something like Rh factor... It's been a while since I researched it, but it sometimes runs in families.  It doesn't affect the firstborn, but it would for any later children, some kind of incompatability that would explain why both Draco and Nymphadora are only children.  Anyway, scientists have figured out how to treat it.

Thanks for your thoughtful review.
2009/01/25 - 11:03

Lkmaide (Signed )1: The Letter

Having been an only child, I don't think it would have been good for Draco to have siblings, it would have totally changed his persona.  Nicely written!

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing!

2008/03/02 - 10:03


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