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Reviews for The Chocolate War

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jadecadence (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)
you are a very talented writer. please please finish this? i'm adding this.
2013/10/10 - 18:36

mock_turtle (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)

Author's Response: yippee?

mock_turtle's response: I spose that was rather unexplained.  I liked it.  a lot.  I thought you were done with this story for some reason, so it was like an unexpected present.
2008/06/30 - 21:52

GinervaWeaslby (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)

After I received your review I was like, okay I have seen her pen name all over the place, I must have read something she wrote (other than the ldws drabbles)! And sure enough here you are. This is absolutely wonderful and so funny. I can't believe you didn't win the Dramione. I also can't believe I never reviewed!

Your story was very clever, I really liked your take on the kisses challenge. I laughed out loud several times while reading, and I absolutely loved Frank, Blaise, and Colin.

Author's Response: "okay I have seen her pen name all over the place"

Muahhahaha.  The plan for world domination is coming along nicely...

Did I say that out loud?

"I can't believe you didn't win the Dramione." 

Oh, aren't you sweet?  Do you like dungeons? 
My iron maiden is lined with fake fur.
Did you read The Politician's Wife?  It's an amazinigly good story. I was honored to come in second to her.

Shameless self-promotion:  I'm currently nominated at the tnl_awards at live journal. *whistles innocently*  If you're looking for something new and underappreciated to read...

Thank you soooo much!
2008/06/29 - 14:45

EvieEros (Signed )1: First Shot Over the Bow
Squee! This is made of win. *huggles*

erm. and you may have 2 copies of this review.. oops!

Author's Response: Yay! more huggles for me!

(thank you!)
2008/05/14 - 21:56

EvieEros (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)
squee!  This is made of win.  *huggles*

Author's Response: Thank you!

I think you're made of win, too.
2008/05/14 - 21:55

Merlinsbeard (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan

Just love those little kisses......................

Author's Response: ...me too and I've got the body to prove it...

Merlinsbeard's response: .............that makes two of us
2008/05/14 - 02:54

sunny33 (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)
I'm surprised Fred and George weren't wandering around Antarctica clapping coconut halves together and discussing the flight velocity of an unladen swallow!

Author's Response: bwahaha!

2008/05/13 - 21:13

MollysSister (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)
This was cracktastic! Of course my most favorite line is: Is there something you need, besides a glimpse of the dead sexy savior of the wizarding world?”

“I work at Hogwarts, remember? I can see him in the Headmistress’s office anytime I like.”
Will there be any naked Snape? I need him.

Author's Response: Somehow, I knew you'd like that.

Nakie Snape?  Hmmmm...
2008/05/13 - 19:12

CharmedForce (Signed )8: The Really Ridiculously Long Epilogue (pt. 1)
Ahaha... "I fart in your general direction!"

I quote Monty Python all the time, but my DH just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand why it is so funny.

Author's Response: Is the poor dear lacking his British humor bone?

Poor thing.   Isn't there a telethon for that?

"It's only a flesh wound."
2008/05/13 - 15:40

mock_turtle (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan
is the story done then?  because status says unfinished. and what do you mean about epilogues/outtakes?

Author's Response: Nope - not done, just the part that was posted with prompts as part on the challenge is finished with chapter 7: Seven kisses=seven chapters

There's a two part epilogue (part one will be posted on Mon) and the "outtakes" are a couple one-shot ideas I had that don't fit in the current story, but are about the same characters. Like extras on a dvd.

mock_turtle's response: sweet.

Author's Response: Urh - I meant, epilogue, pt 1 will be *submitted* on Monday, not posted. But hopefully soon after.
2008/05/10 - 00:21

MollysSister (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan
Now when Draco says  Apparently so, if Pinocchio had his way he is talking about his penis right? It is a very sad day when I have to have the jokes explained to me because I am feeling slow. Please ignore me.

Author's Response: *gives Molly espresso*

*waits for laugh*

No sad days allowed near my story, woman!

Have those somewhere else, you angst groupie.

(I could never ignore you, sweetie)
2008/05/09 - 10:46

sunny33 (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan

Bet the twins aren't off the hook yet, no matter how good the kiss was!

Author's Response: That would be a safe bet!

2008/05/08 - 18:52

CharmedForce (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan
*still cracks up every time 'Pinocchio' is mentioned*

Author's Response:



(so do I)

2008/05/08 - 12:01

mock_turtle (Signed )7: Friendly Fire or, the Choccies Hit the Fan
I love how pinocchio worked so well for this,..

Author's Response: I know?! My subconcious is truly frightning.

Or, very spooky, at least.
2008/05/08 - 10:27

mock_turtle (Signed )6: The Covert Mission

I looove the trademark looks!

and everything else!

Author's Response: Thank you (for everything).
2008/05/08 - 10:18

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