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Reviews for The Wait

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kimjo2 (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
wow.  what a scarey story.  i look forward to its progression.  thanks so much

Author's Response:


2008/08/07 - 14:57

sunny33 (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
Is Lucius good or bad?  Is Hermione good or bad? I'm confused...

Author's Response: Confusion is not a good state to be in.  I better clarify things in the next chapter for you.
2008/05/25 - 03:50

Muggline (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
I can't wait to see where this is going. Very sly of you to give no hints as to the timeframe of this story (post Voldemort or not...)

Author's Response:

Thank you and I hoped to get more out soon.

2008/05/24 - 09:14

pookah (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
The story about Draco and the bird is fascinating.  But why doesn't Hermione fight?  That seems out of character.  That 'Harry will save me' bit makes her seem like a little kid waiting for Mommy.  Has she been injured, is she in shock or something?  Interesting.

Author's Response: Why Hermione doesn't fight? I can only tell you that she has her reasons.  Even Lucius is wondering the same thing.

Thanks for the review.
2008/05/24 - 00:04

Delayed Poet (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
*shivers* Breathtaking! I do hope you update this soon! I absolutely love your characterisation of Lucius. And a part of me hopes Harry doesn't come, that Lucius gets to play out whatever little scenario is going through his head. Erm, does that make me twisted? lol... anyway, please do update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, for the review!  I hoped to have more up soon.
2008/05/23 - 22:51

ChrissyJones (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
Wow, this is very breathtaking! I'm also on the edge of my seat -- what's going to happen! More soon, please!

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully I can the rest up soon.
2008/05/23 - 22:47

ladyluv (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
Oh man - what is he doing to her - Seducing her or scaring the crap out of her - good cliffie - I cannot wait to read more to see where you are going to take it.

Author's Response: Well hopefully I can get it out soon. Thanks for the reviews!
2008/05/23 - 22:04

ladyluv (Signed )1: In the Trunk
Oh crap - deatheater Lucius has her cornered - does he know the she is in the trunk- can she apparate - I would be tempted to.

Author's Response: I really need to get back into writing this story. HAHAHA
2008/05/23 - 22:01

MollysSister (Signed )2: Tell Him Nothing
OH NO I bet Harry is going to be late and things are going to get ugly! Rut Row!!

Author's Response: hmmm.....will see.
2008/05/23 - 20:36

rainaangel (Signed )1: In the Trunk
Very intersting start - would love to

Author's Response: :)
2008/05/06 - 04:55

rainaangel (Signed )1: In the Trunk
Very intersting start - would love to

Author's Response: Thanks, I am in the process to write more. :)
2008/05/06 - 04:55

sunny33 (Signed )1: In the Trunk

ooh , what a sense of foreboding, and we may never knowo what happens next...

Author's Response: Actually I wrote another part to this story on my LJ.  It's an absolute mess, but hey, it was 4 am and I couldn't sleep.
2008/05/05 - 21:45

snitchette (Signed )1: In the Trunk
A bit angsty but very good. And you have to go on. You can't let me hang like that.

Author's Response: Oh but if I continue it would be more angsty.  I love angsty :) Thanks for the review.
2008/05/05 - 16:33

MollysSister (Signed )1: In the Trunk
OUuuuuu a dark and twisty tale! I want more! What happens next? Please?

Author's Response:


2008/05/05 - 15:07

karelia (Signed )1: In the Trunk
Excellent first!!! I do hope you're inspired now to write something a little longer. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, especially for the encouragement.

2008/05/05 - 11:32

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