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Reviews for For Better or Worse?

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StormySkize (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
Still enjoying this. Looking forward to your next chapter.
2008/11/02 - 13:30

FlittterKat (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
Go ahead Ginny, go out, have a few drinks, a few laughs and if you should happen to run into Harry and Cho...lol. Enjoying the story, can't wait to see the next chapter.
2008/10/30 - 01:13

phoenix (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
Well, that was nice and awkward. LOL Of course, Ginny and Draco are bound to be awkward at first.  I look forward to what happens next. :)
2008/10/20 - 07:53

phoenix (Signed )3: Chapter 3: The Confrontation
The confrontation between Ron and Ginny is nicely done. I can really see them acting like that. And now Draco is entering the mix. I can't wait to see what happens next.
2008/10/20 - 07:50

phoenix (Signed )2: Chapter 2: The Bet
LOL Nice choice on the guys. I like how the bet worked out on their side. Now on to see how the initial approaches go by the perspective beaus.
2008/10/20 - 07:30

phoenix (Signed )1: Chapter 1: The Pact
Nice set up for the first part. I think that came off really well. I think Cho was the perfect someone else for Harry. I look forward to seeing how the second part of the challenge works into your story. :)
2008/10/20 - 07:25

CharmedForce (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
Dating and having fun are fine, as long as it is with someone you can't fall in love with. With Draco's history of feelings for Ginny, it may get a bit murky.
2008/10/16 - 22:03

CharmedForce (Signed )3: Chapter 3: The Confrontation
At least the boys were civil, but it seems shady of Luna to be dating Ron if it is common knowledge that Ron and Hermioen are still somewhat involved.
2008/10/16 - 22:02

CharmedForce (Signed )2: Chapter 2: The Bet
Oh, no! Not a great way to start a relationship, boys!
2008/10/16 - 21:59

CharmedForce (Signed )1: Chapter 1: The Pact
Great start to the story. I can't wait to see how you develop and who the suitors will be.
2008/10/16 - 21:55

pookah (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
I think she made it too easy on Draco.  I do believe in second chances, but he was mean to her and her friends & tried to kill Buckbeak.  I wouldn't think she'd trust him as far as she could throw the shop.   But then, I'm the one who isn't a Malfoy fan at all.  Still, I'm with ya on this one! Readin' till the end!  Thanks for the update/
2008/08/29 - 01:48

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )4: Chapter 4: Draco's Move
George is very smart.  I love that Draco second guesses himself now.  Gee, Ginny have some fun, you never know you could have a blast.  Author you rock.
2008/08/24 - 09:19

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )3: Chapter 3: The Confrontation
I so can't stand Ronald. Although I don't think betting was a good ideal.  I hope Draco treats her better than TBWCGIU.(The-Boy-Who-Couldn't-Get-It-Up, sorry I'm mad at him right now)  Cho is probably pregnant and trapped hiim into it.  I hope Ron gets hit by a fly by brooming.
2008/08/24 - 09:14

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )2: Chapter 2: The Bet
Gentlemen, you are asking for trouble.  I can't wait. lol
2008/08/24 - 09:05

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: Chapter 1: The Pact
Becareful what you make a bet about, it has a way to come back and bite you in the ass.  This story is awesome.  I am so moving on to the next chapter.
2008/08/24 - 08:58

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