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Reviews for How to Tell Your Friends…

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mick42 (Signed )1: One-shot story
Severus' sense of humor, seems to have rubbed of on Hermione. 

Author's Response: Absolutely! After all, she married him ;-)
2015/01/20 - 15:28

Dreamy_Dragon (Signed )1: One-shot story
Very nice! I love it when Hermione is sneaky and picturing the looks on the boys faces had me grinning all over. Any chance to see what happens at the wedding?

Author's Response: Dreamy, my dear, are you honestly ask for more work???
2008/05/28 - 19:40

snitchette (Signed )1: One-shot story
Like i too much if that's possible. I think I'm going to read Christmas Presents again.

Author's Response: Wrong season for that one, I'm affraid *lol*
2008/05/27 - 16:11

rlc (Signed )1: One-shot story

So funny and sweet.  Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing and sorry for my late response.
2008/05/26 - 21:13

RedRoo45 (Signed )1: One-shot story
Hello Chivalric,

Are those pesky gerunds still after you?  

I liked this story, because I liked Christmas Presents -- the premise was unusual.  You really had me worried -- I thought he was really mad and that the scene would descend into a shouting and hexing match!  Soooo glad it didn't. 

Nice job!


I haven't forgotten that I want to read Unkissed in one sitting to see how it reads to me ...

Author's Response: Hi, there,

yes, the gerunds, the commas, the English grammar in general ;-)
Thanks for liking this story - I wrote it a while ago but didn't get around to post it earlier. I need a couple of betas going over my stuff, and I am always in need for more *winks her eye suspiciously*
Eager to read your final comment about Unkissed!
2008/05/26 - 21:12

MollysSister (Signed )1: One-shot story
Will there be more in this time line? The wedding ceramony? The birth of Miss Snape? do tell

Author's Response: Didn't you know that I press everyone who requires a sequel into beta service? No? Well, now you do, so get in contact with me ;-)
I plan to write a sequel for that one.... but the Plot bunny hasn't bitten me yet. I'll let you know.

MollysSister's response: I didnt know that! I cannot help with grammer, canon compliance or spelling. But I can help sort out plot holes, and continuency errors. If this is enough to earn me the title of beta I am all yours. I live to serve!
2008/05/26 - 20:56

CharmedForce (Signed )1: One-shot story
ROFL! I can just picture her dropping her head, trying not to laugh out loud... fabulous!

Author's Response: Thanks, CF! And whilst I'm on it - I'm eagerly awaiting your mail, dearest beta!

CharmedForce's response: It is 95% done... just a final read-through to catch all that I have missed and you will have a big email coming back at ya!
2008/05/26 - 18:00

helshez (Signed )1: One-shot story
*chuckle* She has a very wide evil streak, doesn't she? I do like that in a person. >:D

Author's Response: She lives with Snape. I think he's infectious ;-)
2008/05/26 - 17:52

blue artemis (Signed )1: One-shot story
That is still one of the cutest ways of breaking the news to those two that I've ever read. 

Author's Response: :-)
Thank you!
2008/05/26 - 17:30

aura (Signed )1: One-shot story
Wonderful!  Lovely! 
I laughed so much! 
Was a bit worried that she seemed so upset until she shows how funny she found the situation herself. 
Added this to my favorites list. 

(The only nit-picky thing I noticed is that you start out with Ron married to Luna, and then switch it to Lavendar about half-way through.)

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me that! It took me a moment to realise that Luna is in the prequel... I just chenged her name to Lavender. Luckily someone reads my stuff thouroughly :-)
2008/05/26 - 17:17

kittylefish (Signed )1: One-shot story
quite amusing. naughty hermione, tormenting everyone like that.

Author's Response: Hehehe, in my opinion, Hermione would have been the perfect Slytherin!

Thanks for reviewing, dear, and sorry for my late response.
2008/05/26 - 16:17

sunny33 (Signed )1: One-shot story
She is one very naughty witch, teasing her friends like that!

Author's Response: *g* She certainly is!
2008/05/26 - 16:10

Sampdoria (Signed )1: One-shot story
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. If anyone was sorted into the wrong house, it must be Hermione, she is a Slytherin if any:-))

Author's Response: Well, at least she's in love with one ;-)
2008/05/26 - 15:38

Sampdoria (Signed )1: One-shot story
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. If anyone was sorted into the wrong house, it must be Hermione, she is a Slytherin if any:-))

Author's Response: She loves a Slytherin ;-) That's nearly as good as getting sorted into the house. Thanks for reviewing, dear!
2008/05/26 - 15:38

Mint Stick (Signed )1: One-shot story
Very enjoyable! I have a soft spot for stories where Hermione has to come out with her relationship to the boys (or to her parents) - it's such a perfect opportunity for something amusing to happen.

Author's Response: I've written a few dark fics recently and needed something funny to cheer me up.
Thanks so much for reviewing!
2008/05/26 - 14:22

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