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Summer School (For The Romantically Challenged) [T (PG-13)] by Proulxes
[Reviews - 84] Favorite - 47
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Humor, Mystery/Suspense, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Dear Severus, Following our recent conversation, I am writing to confirm that you have agreed to take part in our new Summer Extension Programme at school. Working as part of a team with school staff and visiting professors, you will be partly responsible for the delivery of 'Perfect Your Potion Making!' a challenging and inspiring course for adult learners....
Chapters: 6      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/03/10       Updated: 2013/04/18      Word Count: 17351

It’s Only Logical [T (PG-13)] by Amita
[Reviews - 9] Favorite - 4
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Characters: Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Drabble/100-Word     Warnings: none
Summary: From the files of Severus the vampire.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/04/20       Updated: 2013/04/20      Word Count: 802

The Birds and the Bees and the Werewolves [K+ (PG)] by peskipiksi
[Reviews - 12]
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Characters: Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Teddy Remus Lupin
Genres: Drabble/100-Word, Humor     Warnings: (None)
Summary: The scariest question a kid can ask his parents!
Chapters: 1      Completed: No       Published: 2013/04/21       Updated: 2013/04/21      Word Count: 306

Of Rippling Muscles and Taut Buttocks [MA (NC-17)] by Savva
[Reviews - 10] Favorite - 3
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Malfoy Manor
Characters: Hermione Granger, Lucius Malfoy
Genres: Alternate Universe, Erotica, Humor, Parody, Romance, Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Out of Character
Summary: "Do not fear, Miss Granger! Your saviour is on his way," he roared to the poor witch and with a rakish swirl of his white batiste shirt plunged down from the window. Best Comedy in the Lucius Malfoy Category, 2013 Fall/Winter Round HP Fan Fic Fan Poll Awards on Live Journal.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/04/02       Updated: 2013/04/21      Word Count: 1509

Friendship's Heavy Burden [K+ (PG)] by KeepCalmLoveSeverus
[Reviews - 7] Favorite - 3
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Malfoy Manor
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape
Genres: Angst, Friendship     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Lucius never did know when to leave well enough alone, but sometimes his particular brand of meddling is what is needed.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/03/22       Updated: 2013/04/25      Word Count: 2720

The Perils of Watching the Paint Dry Whilst Stranded Without a Wand With Rain. Rain and Rain and Rain. And More Rain [T (PG-13)] by TeaOli
[Reviews - 11] Favorite - 12
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > SSHG_Exchange
Characters: Hermione Granger, Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Mystery/Suspense, Romance     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Stuck without their wands, watching paint dry, during a seemingly endless rain, what can a witch and wizard do?
Chapters: 3      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/03/16       Updated: 2013/04/28      Word Count: 7306

Nocturne [MA (NC-17)] by Tarpeia
[Reviews - 3] Favorite - 2
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Azkaban Prison
Characters: Lily (Evans) Potter, Severus Snape
Genres: Angst, Erotica     Warnings: Abuse/Rape, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: An intimate moment between Severus and Lily. WARNING: very dark.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/04/04       Updated: 2013/04/28      Word Count: 684

Werewolves and Serpents [MA (NC-17)] by phoenix
[Reviews - 30] Favorite - 5
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Shrieking Shack
Characters: Original Character, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Sirius Black
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Voldemort is back and the Order of the Phoenix is reforming. They need new members and Kingsley recruits one of his fellow Aurors - even though she is a Slytherin. Assigned to work with Remus Lupin, things get very tense. Set during 'Order of the Phoenix'.
Chapters: 27      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/02/27       Updated: 2013/04/28      Word Count: 135352

How Hermione Ensnared her Potions Master [M (R)] by imhilien
[Reviews - 14] Favorite - 6
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate Universe, Humor, Parody, Romance, Smut     Warnings: Out of Character
Summary: Hermione decides that getting a makeover will make Snape see what he's missing out on...
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/04/06       Updated: 2013/04/29      Word Count: 1416

Out of the Shadows Came a Rose [MA (NC-17)] by gingertart
[Reviews - 263] Favorite - 141
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Arthur Weasley, Astoria Greengrass, Daphne Greengrass, Draco Malfoy, Ginevra Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Hugo Weasley, James Potter, James Potter (son of Harry), Kingsley Shacklebolt, Lucius Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Mr. Granger, Mrs. Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Scorpius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Victoire Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Mystery/Suspense, post-DH/DH compliant, Romance, Slash, Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Male Pregnancy, Menage-a-Trois
Summary: Molly interferes, Ron is a twit but gets over it, Lucius is reformed (well, a bit), Draco grows up, Ginny is a good friend (apart from recommending the shoes), Harry is a hero, and Hermione has fun and spends a lot of time in a library. Snape, meanwhile, considers that he is getting his usual shit deal from fate, although to be fair, he never expected to find a family of his own.
Chapters: 16      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/01/08       Updated: 2013/04/30      Word Count: 85768

Into You [M (R)] by Aislyn
[Reviews - 75] Favorite - 27
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Malfoy Manor
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood
Genres: Romance     Warnings: Language, Torture, Violence
Summary: Draco and Luna are paired in a Legilimency class and find that they have an unexpectedly strong connection to each other.
Chapters: 17      Completed: No       Published: 2011/05/26       Updated: 2013/04/30      Word Count: 37407

Of All the Cruise Ships in All the World [M (R)] by linlawless
[Reviews - 20] Favorite - 28
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Lucius Malfoy, Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Friendship, Humor, Romance     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Surprises (and romance?) abound for all who embark on a singles cruise to Tuscany. Written for the lovely Dreamy_Dragon in the 2012 SSHG exchange
Chapters: 2      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/04/28       Updated: 2013/05/04      Word Count: 20631

Felix Felicis [K+ (PG)] by phoenix
[Reviews - 5] Favorite - 1
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Characters: Severus Snape
Genres: Drama, Mystery/Suspense     Warnings: none
Summary: Severus has always known that being a double agent was dangerous. Moreso now that Albus is gone and everyone thinks he's truly loyal to the Dark Lord. But he remains Dumbledore's man. All he needs is a little luck.
Chapters: 1      Completed: No       Published: 2013/05/04       Updated: 2013/05/04      Word Count: 6192

Moonflower Seeds, Pools, and Wedding Rings [T (PG-13)] by Fairfield
[Reviews - 8] Favorite - 1
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Lavender Brown, Luna Lovegood, Parvati Patil
Genres: Drabble/100-Word     Warnings: none
Summary: A fine romance.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/05/04       Updated: 2013/05/04      Word Count: 477

Third Time by Thestral [MA (NC-17)] by drinkingcocoa
[Reviews - 14] Favorite - 11
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > SSHG_Exchange
Characters: Hermione Granger, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape
Genres: Romance, Smut     Warnings: Character Death, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: The marriage had only one condition: that she never look at him during lovemaking. When Hermione sees Snape in the night, she violates the terms and drives him away. She must complete three tasks and travel to the land of the dead in order to win back her beloved.
Chapters: 3      Completed: No       Published: 2013/03/06       Updated: 2013/05/06      Word Count: 15799

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