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Toys for Big Boys [MA (NC-17)] by mayfly
[Reviews - 5] Favorite - 4
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Forbidden Forest
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
Genres: Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Erotica, Slash, Smut     Warnings: BDSM Lite (not explicit), Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Harry accidentally takes their “naughty” presents to be opened at the Christmas dinner at the Weasleys. It's fortunate he knows exactly how to make it up to Draco.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2012/12/17       Updated: 2013/01/15      Word Count: 6455

Traditional Socks [K+ (PG)] by Angharad
[Reviews - 7] Favorite - 7
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall
Genres: Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Why does Professor Dumbledore tell Harry that he sees himself holding a pair of socks in the Mirror of Erised?
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2005/05/11       Updated: 2005/05/11      Word Count: 2234

Traditions and Innuendo [MA (NC-17)] by mayfly
[Reviews - 5] Favorite - 11
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Forbidden Forest
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Original Character, Ronald Weasley
Genres: Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Erotica, Romance, Slash, Smut     Warnings: **DH SPOILERS**, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: The last thing Harry wants is for Malfoy to jam another pure-blood tradition down his throat, especially if he's going to be so flirtatious while doing it.
Chapters: 4      Completed: Yes       Published: 2010/09/11       Updated: 2010/10/29      Word Count: 18961

Traitor [MA (NC-17)] by averygoodun
[Reviews - 304] Favorite - 154
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Antonin Dolohov, Hermione Granger, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Genres: Angst, Drama, post-HBP/HBP, compliant     Warnings: Abuse/Rape, Character Death, Explicit Sexual Content, Squick, Torture, Violence
Summary: The need to survive is ingrained within the human psyche, but where does self-preservation end and self-destruction begin? Hermione is captured by Death Eaters and is held hostage by Snape and Pettigrew, but she comes up with a plan to escape. Not a romance.
Chapters: 28      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/02/09       Updated: 2007/03/11      Word Count: 28876

Traitor Against my Will [M (R)] by Rubinonyx
[Reviews - 2] Favorite - 6
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Azkaban Prison
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Angst, Drama, Psychological     Warnings: Abuse/Rape, Violence
Summary: This is a story about the mistakes Hermione makes during the war and how they completely change her life. Oneshot from Hermiones POV.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/03/18       Updated: 2008/03/22      Word Count: 4364

Traitor to the Winning Side [T (PG-13)] by Kore
[Reviews - 3]
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Azkaban Prison
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape
Genres: Angst, post-HBP/HBP, compliant     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Severus Snape ponders his existence while on the run from both Aurors and Death Eaters alike.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/07/13       Updated: 2007/07/14      Word Count: 769

Tranquility [K+ (PG)] by Aligewe
[Reviews - 4] Favorite - 1
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: General     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Enjoying the tranquility of the weather and the surrounding area, hoping to find peace.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2009/10/25       Updated: 2009/11/01      Word Count: 867

Transcendent Quality of Remembrance [MA (NC-17)] by Subversa
[Reviews - 515] Favorite - 220
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Erotica, Romance     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Language
Summary: A/U. In a postwar world, members of the Order and the DA are sent together into hiding. Trapped in claustrophobic circumstances, plagued by inexplicable dreams, surrounded by her closest friends - and her most dreaded adversary - Hermione struggles to come to terms with her postwar life.
Chapters: 26      Completed: Yes       Published: 2013/02/09       Updated: 2013/08/23      Word Count: 119457

Transfiguration [K (G)] by SS Lupin
[Reviews - 11] Favorite - 2
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Characters: Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum
Genres: Romance     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Why didn't Viktor Krum use the Bubble-Head Charm in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, and how did he overcome his shyness concerning Hermione? My response to laurel_tx's Krumione Challenge.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2006/10/11       Updated: 2006/10/14      Word Count: 1474

Transfiguration [T (PG-13)] by karelia
[Reviews - 13] Favorite - 1
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Drabble/100-Word, Humor, Poetry/Prose, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Severus and Hermione and ducks. Oh, my.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2009/05/31       Updated: 2009/05/31      Word Count: 221

Transfiguration of the Heart [M (R)] by Losille
[Reviews - 155] Favorite - 214
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Viktor Krum
Genres: Drama, General, post-HBP/HBP, compliant, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Hermione returns to Hogwarts as Transfigurations professor after a year away from the magical world. She hopes for a quiet year, but then again, she has never known a quiet year at Hogwarts. Why should she expect one now, especially when feelings develop for a certain greasy-haired, black-clad colleague? Some Hermione/Krum. Labeling this AU for safety.
Chapters: 29      Completed: Yes       Published: 2006/03/25       Updated: 2007/01/09      Word Count: 86253

Transitions [K (G)] by diana_hawthorne
[Reviews - 50] Favorite - 1
Category: CHALLENGES > Off-Site Challenges > Potter Place's Anything Goes Challenge
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Art, Humor, Snapshot     Warnings: none
Summary: I begin as a kitten, end as a snake. What am I?
Chapters: 2      Completed: No       Published: 2008/05/23       Updated: 2008/05/25      Word Count: 186

Transported [MA (NC-17)] by shefa
[Reviews - 12] Favorite - 10
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Drabble/100-Word, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: A mysterious energy surge sends Hermione Granger abroad to investigate. An uninvited traveling partner comes along. A drabble series written for Portus_Envy.
Chapters: 3      Completed: No       Published: 2008/07/17       Updated: 2008/07/29      Word Count: 3530

Traps & Arrows [MA (NC-17)] by corianderpie
[Reviews - 54] Favorite - 80
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > SSHG_Exchange
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Filius Flitwick, Hermione Granger, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Madam Rosmerta, Minerva McGonagall, Neville Longbottom, Original Character, Professor Sinistra, Rolanda Hooch, Severus Snape
Genres: Humor, Romance, Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Summary: Minerva takes a break, Hermione takes a new post, Severus takes up the cudgels, Neville takes a risk, Filius takes his chances, and Rolanda takes bets on the outcome. Written as a gift for Magically25 in the 2010 SS/HG gift exchange. Prompt: “The competition. A setting of your choice, a competition of your choice. Plenty of plotting / counter-plotting, tit for tat and escalation of consequences.”
Chapters: 6      Completed: Yes       Published: 2010/09/09       Updated: 2010/09/14      Word Count: 15385

Travel Papers [K+ (PG)] by Ladymage Samiko
[Reviews - 10] Favorite - 2
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > GrangerSnape100
Characters: Hermione Granger, Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Drabble/100-Word, Epilogue, What, Epilogue?, Humor, post-DH/DH, compliant, Snapshot     Warnings: none
Summary: Yet another proof that "the bureaucratic mentality is the one constant in the universe…" For the GS100 Shakespeare challenge.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/10/18       Updated: 2008/10/18      Word Count: 175

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