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Characters: Original Character, Rubeus Hagrid
Genre(s): Drama, Angst, General
Warnings: None
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My Love, My Heart, My Soul
by HermioneWeasley1972
K+ (PG)

Thank you to my wonderful beta. I couldn't have done this without you. Btw, I am not JKR. I don't own these characters except those I have created. I thank JKR for creating this world for us to play in.


She strolled through the quiet forest. The brambles and the branches tugged at her, but she didn't take notice of them. It could have been months, years, or even just days, since the forest had been normal. She didn't know. All she knew was that a great evil had come to the forest. Many of her kind lay sick and dying. She did not know what the great evil was; it had not come for her. Yet. But she had seen it, feeding on one of her own kind. She had been helpless to stop it. The cloaked figure had moved much like a phantom, coming and going without warning or precedence.

Her mate had been gone for several days, and she was afraid that he, too, had fallen victim to the evil, either had lost his life or was too weak to go on. She listened closely to the sounds that surrounded her. She heard hoofbeats, which signified either more of her kind or centaurs. But tonight, as she perked up her ears, she heard another sound that she didn't hear very often.


She heard the gruff sound of Hagrid he was someone that she was used to. In fact, just last year he had delivered one of her foals. He was kind, and she had nothing to fear from him. But tonight he was not alone. There were three boys and a girl with him.

Because she trusted Hagrid, she followed him at a distance. Chances were if the other four were with Hagrid, they were OK too. She kept Hagrid in her sight and noticed that he only had two others with him. One of the boys and the girl.

Minutes passed like hours, and many things happened at once. Screams rent through the night, and when it had finally calmed down, she followed Hagrid to a clearing where a form lay on the ground, unmoving but still beautiful.

It wasn't long before Hagrid left with the others, and she went up to the unicorn lying on its side. Just as she had suspected, it was her mate. She nuzzled him sorrowfully, then started to croon to him, telling him of her love and devotion. For unicorns mated for life, and hers lay there on the ground. She lay down beside him when her song was done and rested her head on his body.

Her love, her heart, her soul. It had been taken from her forever.


13. Write a fic from a non-human POV. Some ideas are: Crookshanks, Hedwig, Hermes, the Squid, Mrs. Norris, or even someone's wand!

My Love, My Heart, My Soul by HermioneWeasley1972

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