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Characters: Severus Snape, Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Genre(s): Alternate, Universe, Angst, Drama, General
Warnings: None
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Rewriting History
by HermioneWeasley1972
K+ (PG)

Thank you to my wonderful beta, who will not be revealed until after the contest is over. I hope you like how the story starts out.


He sat in the Headmaster's office, which now belonged to him, his head in his hands. How had things gone so awry? How had the Dark Lord taken over Hogwarts? How had he destroyed the Ministry? Severus wasn't an emotional man, but he was feeling drained and melancholy. The wizarding world was going to Hell in a hand basket, and he was powerless to stop it.

“I really wish you were here, Albus,” he said quietly. “I don't know what to do.” He looked at Albus' portrait, but the man was sleeping. “Well, I'm not going to do any good sitting here.” Unable to sit still any longer, Severus stood up and paced around the office.

Since he had only been awarded the position of Headmaster a few days ago, he hadn't had much time to explore the office. He had been too concerned with keeping the students safe when they appeared on the first.

He spent the next few hours looking through the books and manuscripts that were gathered there. Nothing. He was just about to give up and go to get something to eat when his eyes fell upon something that he hadn't noticed before. A Time-Turner. He vaguely remembered that Granger had used one in her third year. This must be the one that she had used; all the others had been destroyed.

He picked up the golden Time-Turner, and the light from the office glinted on it. He stood there rolling it around his hand as he considered the possibilities.

“Don't do it, Severus.”

Recognizing Albus' voice, he looked to his portrait. “How do you know what I am thinking?”

“Severus, I have worked with you for many years, and before that you were a student here. I know how your mind works.”

“I'm not making any promises,” Severus said, looking at his former mentor's portrait. Why did the old man have to pick now to wake up? He wasn't even certain what he was considering. But what he did know was that he couldn't think while Albus' accusing eyes were fixed upon him. He needed someplace to think, someplace where he could be away from prying eyes. It was time to visit the Room of Requirement. With a billowing of his robes, he left the Headmaster office.

Fifteen minutes later, he stood in the hallway thinking, I need a place where I am away from prying eyes, where I can make plans, where I will be safe from being spied upon. A door appeared and he walked in to find a room without windows, without portraits, and, he knew, guarded against intrusions.

The only furniture in the room was a chair in front of the fireplace and a table that contained some parchment and a quill.

He took a seat in the chair, but he didn't stay there for very long. He took a piece of parchment and the quill and started pacing around the room. He knew what he wanted. He wanted for Voldemort to be gone from the wizarding world. He remembered something that Albus had told him once, that Tom Riddle had been an orphan and had lived in an orphanage most of his life. Perhaps that was what had turned Tom Riddle bad. He had never really had a family, and his father had abandoned his mother. Perhaps if he'd had a better childhood...

Severus took the Time-Turner in his hand, but something stopped him. He knew that without Voldemort, Lily would live, but so would James. Instead of seeing James in Harry every day, he would have to deal with James being alive. But if Tom Riddle never became Voldemort, that would mean that he, and so many other people, would have a normal life. To be free, to have a life, to not have the Dark Mark... that would be worth having to see James Potter everyday if he had to.

Hurrying back to his office, he looked for Tom Riddle's file. Once he found it, he wrote down the information that he needed and quickly calculated the amount of turns that he would need. Once the turns were complete, he felt the odd sensation of going back decades into the past.


67. When Severus takes over the Headmaster's office, HE finds Hermione's Time-Turner, and against Dumbledore's portrait's wishes, he pockets the thing. What does he do with it? When does he use it? And what does he change?

Rewriting History by HermioneWeasley1972

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