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Characters: Lucius Malfoy
Genre(s): Alternate, Universe, Drabble/100-Word
Warnings: None
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What's Been In Front of Me
by Southern_Witch_69
T (PG-13)

Disclaimer: Having fun with Lucius and not making money. This is a prompt that NarcissasKnickers requested.

Prompt: What does Lucius see when he looks at the Mirror of Erised.

Lucius crept through the dark corridor, looking for evidence that the Heir of Slytherin's beast was truly about. If so, he'd done a great deed by putting the Dark Lord's old diary in that Weasley girl's cauldron. Draco had owled home about it and asked questions. Intrigued, he had to go to the castle to see what was happening for himself.

However, at that very moment, he heard voices approaching and torches lighting further down. He quickly slipped into a nearby unused classroom and crept over to duck behind a tall mirror. Once enough time had passed, he stood and dusted off his robes. He walked around the mirror and gazed in it to check his reflection.

What he saw, though, wasn't just himself. He saw his wife lying back on their large bed, pleasuring herself as she watched Severus nibbling his way up Lucius' thigh, one hand on Lucius' prick, the other on his own.

Lucius was shocked. He'd never thought of Severus in such a way. Well, there was that time he'd had too much rum and had taken to staring at the man's thin, yet appealing, lips. He'd wondered...

"What is this magic?" he asked aloud. Why was he seeing this?

In the mirror, Lucius gently put a hand on Severus' face, bidding him to stop, and lay back beside Narcissa, beckoning for Severus to join him in pleasing his wife.

Tearing his eyes away from the scene before him, he suddenly had the urge to see his dark friend, to explore the possibility that this could happen. Would he share Narcissa? Yes, if it meant having Severus as well. He was certain his wife would enjoy the pleasure of two men, as it had been one of her fantasies for a long time.

Quickly, he made his way down to the dungeons. There was planning to be done, Slytherin's beast forgotten.

AN: ~Grin~ I do love this threesome.

What's Been In Front of Me by Southern_Witch_69

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