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Characters: Remus Lupin
Genre(s): Drama
Warnings: Violence
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Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down
by Alison
T (PG-13)

The characters and the situations within this fanfiction story are not my property. They are the property of J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and others, and are used without permission; challenge to copyright is not intended and should not be construed. No profit is being made from the use of these characters and situations; these written-down imaginings are only presented in an internet forum for the interest of and consumption by like-minded individuals who enjoy them and recognize them as unauthorized fanfiction only, and are not in any way meant to be confused with the originals nor presented as authorized materials of these owners.

Theres a puppy in the woodshed.

Daddy came upstairs just now to check that Im asleep. I heard his footsteps, so I pulled the blanket up to my chin, shut my eyes, and pretended to be sleeping. Daddy peeked in through the door, I heard it creak just a bit when it opened, and then he crept away again.

What a good joke I tricked Daddy! Im not sleeping because I can hear something outside. Its a sort of sad and lost little noise, a bit like the puppy Miss Sloan brought to kindergarten to show us last week it missed its mummy and whined until lunchtime, when Miss Sloan took it home again.

I get out of bed and go to my bedroom window. Its quite bright outside, even though its night time. The moon is so big and shiny and round, and the whole garden beneath my window looks sort of silvery.

Mummy closed my window when she put me to bed this evening after my bath, but Im big enough to open it myself now, as long as I stand on my Tommy Turtle stool. Mummy doesnt know that she thinks Im still too small to lift the window pane, but I can do it, a bit anyway.

I push the window up, just enough to make a space underneath, and then I put my ear to the gap, listening. And yes, there it is again! A little whining noise.

Theres a puppy in the woodshed.

Maybe hes lost and needs a little boy to look after him and be his friend? I could feed him and brush him and he could sleep on my bed at night! I could buy him a collar and call him Buddy.

Buddy whines again poor little thing! Hes hiding in our woodshed because hes scared of the dark and wants me to go outside and get him.

But I stop halfway to my bedroom door. Daddy told me just today not to go outside without him or Mummy. He told me all about Stranger Danger and to tell him straight away if I see anybody I dont know hanging around outside the house...

My puppy whines again, louder this time. I go out the bedroom door and downstairs. Ill ask Daddy to come outside with me to the woodshed, and hell take his wand to protect us against strangers. Then I can get Buddy and bring him inside.

Mummy and Daddy are talking in the lounge room. I stop on the stairs and listen for a moment.

Youre sure the wards will hold? He wont be able to get in? Mummys voice sounds odd, sort of scared.

Ive set them on every door and window, Daddy answers. If anybody tries to come inside while were asleep, the alarms will go off.

Oh, theyre talking about Stranger Danger again. Daddys a wizard and Mummys a Muggle, so he must be telling her he can protect us with his magic.

Im scared!" Mummy says. "That horrible letter he sent! He means to hurt us, I know it! And hes a wizard too, he knows about wards

I peek around the doorframe. Daddy has his arms around Mummy and shes crying.

I wont let him get to us, Daddy says softly. Ive modified a spell so that my wand will shoot silver darts. Silver is deadly to them, remember.

Why doesnt he just leave us alone? Weve never even met him!

Its my fault. Ive been lobbying the Ministry for stricter controls on his kind. It didnt occur to me that hed take it as a grave insult.

The Ministry should take the threat against us more seriously! Mummy sounds angry now. They just shrugged it off, as if we dont matter. We should have Aurors stationed around the house, at least!

The Auror teams are stretched to breaking point at the moment with the threat from He Who Must Not Be Named. Im afraid protecting this family from anybody else is pretty far down on their list of priorities. Were on our own

They sound really upset. Id better not disturb them when theyre talking about Stranger Danger. I can go out into the yard and get Buddy by myself. I mean, its not like Im going outside the fence or anything, just into our back garden.

But Daddy said hed put wards on all the doors, and that means theyre locked with magic. So how can I get out? I think about it for a moment. What about the loose wall panel in the laundry? Im pretty sure he doesnt know about that, its behind the door, I only found out it was loose by accident when I leaned against it and it moved. Unless you look closely, its just like the rest of the wall.

I creep down the hall and into the laundry. Its dark and the shadows are scary, but I think of Buddy all alone in the dark and tell myself to be brave. Im a big boy now, Im five already!

I lean against the panel and it moves; I can see the dark gap in the wall leading outside the house. I push and shove and get my leg through, one arm, the other arm, then my head. Theres cobwebs and rusty nails and things, and its a bit frightening because Im scared Ill get stuck, but I wriggle and shove and then Im out! I brush the cobwebs out of my hair and look at my leg. Theres a scrape across my knee, I think its bleeding a bit. Ill need a bandaid, but it can wait until after Ive got Buddy.

Theres a puppy in the woodshed and his name is Buddy.

I can hear him whining again, but he sounds happy that Im coming to find him perhaps he can smell me, because I still cant see him. Its a bit creepy outside at night, but the full moon gives lots of light. The woodshed door is open and I stare into the shadows.

Buddy? Here boy, come on, Ive come to take you inside!

Something moves in the shadows. Something that sounds big. Suddenly I can see eyes gleaming in the moonlight, too high up to be a puppy, and a long growl rumbles out of the woodshed. I scream and turn to run, and a monster jumps onto me.

Daddy! Help! I scream again as I feel the monster bite down on my leg. DADDY!

I try to crawl away, but the monster is biting my leg; its claws are cutting into my skin, and then I hear the back door flung open and Mummy is screaming and Daddy is standing with his wand out, and theres a huge noise and flash of light and the monster lets go of my leg, and then Mummy is holding me and sobbing, and Daddy is running to the fence where the monster jumped over and he fires again, then curses.

I cling to Mummy, crying and saying over and over, Im sorry, Im sorry, and shes hugging me and then Daddy comes up and says Lumos and in the soft light from his wand he looks at my leg and swears again.

Im feeling cold now, so cold and sick and shivery, and I dont want to let go of Mummy but Daddy takes me from her.

The bite broke the skin, he says and Mummy begins to cry all over again. Daddy feels my forehead. Shit, hes burning up already. He needs to get to St. Mungos right away. Hold tight to my arm, Rosemary, Ill Apparate you both Side-Along.

Then Daddy looks down at me. Why, Remus? After all I said, why did you go outside tonight?

It was my puppy, I whisper. I had to get Buddy

Theres a monster in the woodshed and it's name is Fenrir.

I feel giddy and sick. The silvery moon looks like a laughing face, a horrible monstrous face with fangs and claws. I shut my eyes so I cant see it laughing at me any more.

The End.

Authors note: If you liked this story, please have a read of my original story Love Inhuman at this link:



Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down by Alison

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