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26 years old, avid HP fan, live in a pretty rainy country. My favourite writer is George Orwell, which should be taken as a warning by anyone looking for pink fluff. I do not like pink fluff.

I used to be a hard core SS/HG shipper. Then came Dracontia and completely blew my mind with her HP/DM stories. And once I started reading slash, there was just no going back. I still enjoy a well-written SS/HG (or any pairing, really), but the current passion is pretty boy-on-boy action. :-) Any pairing, more or less, I'm not that picky (except for SS/HP, that really creeps me out for some reason.)

I'm also an avid Bandom fan (P!atD). Those fics can be found on my LJ if you want to explore the waters outside the HP realm one day.

2008-12-08: Today, I abandoned hope of finishing my SS/HG WIPs "Shades of Grey" and "Les innocents." I'm very sad about letting go, but I feel it was the right thing to do. (More details in the A/Ns of each story if you're interested).

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