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Real Name:swasti ramadhin
Member Since:2010/05/25
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After the Game [MA (NC-17)] by Keppiehed
[Reviews - 6] Favorite - 5
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > ptterpr0nprmpts
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Malfoy Manor
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson
Genres: Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Draco is in a foul mood when Pansy catches him in the showers. Guess who comes out on top? Our favorite Slytherin bad boy stays true to his nature in this one.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 02/28/2010       Updated: 03/04/2010      Word Count: 1265

Bittersweet Sixteen [MA (NC-17)] by jmlane57
[Reviews - 6] Favorite - 11
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Ginevra Weasley, Harry Potter
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Erotica     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: The last interlude between our couple, occurring shortly before Dumbledore's death in HBP, the storming of Hogwarts and the fleeing of Snape and Malfoy -- and Harry and Ginny's subsequent breakup, ostensibly for safety reasons. This story is AU, since Ginny's birthday falls several months earlier here than in canon.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 10/11/2006       Updated: 10/14/2006      Word Count: 2532

Decorated Hearts [MA (NC-17)] by LiteraryBeauty
[Reviews - 5] Favorite - 10
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Forbidden Forest
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
Genres: Epilogue, What, Epilogue?, Erotica, Humor, Romance, Smut, Slash     Warnings: Explicit, Sexual, Content
Summary: In which Draco has an eye for design, and Harry has an eye for Draco. Harry fumbles his way through a seduction of Draco, who claims he doesn't date. Can Harry change his mind?
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 09/29/2009       Updated: 09/29/2009      Word Count: 14512

First Times at the Weasley House [MA (NC-17)] by notsosaintly
[Reviews - 19] Favorite - 72
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley
Genres: Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Incest
Summary: Ginny is intent upon perfecting her skill. (Please take note of warnings.)
Chapters: 3      Completed: Yes       Published: 04/04/2005       Updated: 04/04/2005      Word Count: 11457

Out of Uniform [MA (NC-17)] by pettybureaucrat
[Reviews - 6] Favorite - 14
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Ginevra Weasley, Harry Potter
Genres: Erotica, post-DH/DH, compliant, Smut     Warnings: **DH SPOILERS**, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Harry's Halloween costume causes Ginny to lose control, at least for a little while.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 09/29/2007       Updated: 09/30/2007      Word Count: 3491


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