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A Long Time Coming [T (PG-13)] by luvsev
[Reviews - 11] Favorite - 7
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Genres: Drabble/100-Word     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Hermione devises a plan.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 05/02/2009       Updated: 05/02/2009      Word Count: 569

A Lot to Learn [MA (NC-17)] by SinfulSnape
[Reviews - 13] Favorite - 58
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Smut, Slash     Warnings: Menage-a-Trois
Summary: Hermione sees something she wasn't meant to see, but it works out for the best in the end.
Chapters: 3      Completed: Abandoned       Published: 08/23/2007       Updated: 09/03/2007      Word Count: 13402

A Man's Best Friend [M (R)] by quaffswinegaily
[Reviews - 356] Favorite - 96
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Shrieking Shack
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily (Evans) Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Original Character, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Sirius Black
Genres: Drama, Epilogue, What Epilogue?, Romance     Warnings: Character Death
Summary: Severus Snape mourns the death of the werewolf Remus Lupin in the Final Battle. Why? And how could it involve Hermione Granger?
Chapters: 31      Completed: Yes       Published: 06/05/2010       Updated: 01/25/2011      Word Count: 51718

A Mask For You [T (PG-13)] by Jenwryn
[Reviews - 6] Favorite - 2
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Azkaban Prison
Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange, Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Genres: Drabble/100-Word, Drama, Snapshot     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Bellatrix/Voldemort. Put simply, this is Lord Voldemort's POV looking at Bella. In canon, I think. 1x100 words.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 01/08/2008       Updated: 01/10/2008      Word Count: 164

A Matter of Perspective [K (G)] by averygoodun
[Reviews - 17] Favorite - 15
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: General, post-HBP/HBP, compliant, Romance, Snapshot     Warnings: none
Summary: Love. Albus believed very strongly in that emotion. He said that anything and everything could be solved with rational thought infused with love. My entry in the Winter 2006 SS/HG Exchange.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 04/17/2007       Updated: 04/17/2007      Word Count: 1867

A Memorable Feast [K+ (PG)] by snapeophile
[Reviews - 4] Favorite - 1
Category: LJ COMMUNITIES > GrangerSnape100
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Molly Weasley
Genres: Drama     Warnings: none
Summary: Hermione, Molly and Ginny organize a somber celebration of life, love and loved ones they've lost. A two-part drabble series for Grangersnape 100's "Halloween Feast" Challenge.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 10/09/2006       Updated: 10/09/2006      Word Count: 231

A Minor Inconvenience [MA (NC-17)] by StormySkize
[Reviews - 56] Favorite - 21
Category: CHALLENGES > Off-Site Challenges > Potter Place's Anything Goes Challenge
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Smut     Warnings: Dubious Consent, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Hermione has a problem -- she is about to become the victim of the Stigma of the Virgin Gryffindor. She enlists the aid of her surly Potions master to set things right.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 05/05/2008       Updated: 05/05/2008      Word Count: 4331

A Momentary Madness [M (R)] by MMADfan
[Reviews - 40] Favorite - 16
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance     Warnings: none
Summary: Minerva has one foolish moment. Where will it lead? Short, fluffy fic. Rating rises.
Chapters: 5      Completed: Yes       Published: 12/27/2009       Updated: 01/03/2010      Word Count: 9925

A Moment's Impression [T (PG-13)] by laurielove
[Reviews - 13] Favorite - 4
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Hogwarts Castle
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Severus Snape
Genres: General     Warnings: none
Summary: A young Severus Snape is annoyed to find his his usual breaktime meeting place has been taken by somebody else.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 06/11/2010       Updated: 06/11/2010      Word Count: 3497

A Most Important Element in Water [M (R)] by sylvanawood
[Reviews - 114] Favorite - 119
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Romance     Warnings: (None)
Summary: While hunting for Horcruxes with her friends, Hermione learns surprising facts about Snape's past. Will that change the way she thinks about him? **Winner** Order of Merlin, Third Class, OWL Awards 2007 for Action/Adventure.
Chapters: 29      Completed: Yes       Published: 02/14/2007       Updated: 10/18/2013      Word Count: 217868

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