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Warning: I am a voracious fanfic reader who finds it difficult to pull her nose out of a story long enough to review. When I do review it may be absurdly silly, annoyingly spur of the moment, or incomprehensible. I frequently find that I can not articulate precisely what I mean so I either do it badly or don't bother at all. That is why my life revolves around theatre and not writing, that way I can simply say the wonderful things that other people have already written for me. 
All of that was intended to mean that I don't review as often as I should, and frequently when I do review they are incomprehensible to the rest of humanity.  That does not in anyway reflect badly on your story.  A lack of review probably means you have rivetted me to your story.  Remarkably strange reviews mean that I am struck on a very emotional level, the stranger the deeper and harder it is for me to edit back into sensibilty.  A normal review means that for some reason I am making an effort to actually be helpful rather than slightly obtuse.
In other words, again, I like fanfiction.  My response, or lack there of, to your stories does not necessarily mean I don't like them.  Most of the rambling up there is simply a warning.  Brace yourselves.

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