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Hello to all who happened across my profile. I am TheLions'PaleProtector, a young mom who's totally, unabashedly obssesed with the Harry Potter movies and fanfiction. I love Hermione/Snape fics and think it makes waaay more sense than any other pairing for a million different reasons, like the fact he's very oblivious and she's very astute, while being a decent strategist he's not that studious or intellectual and she is, and I think she needs an older man... But I am also oddly fascinated by Harry/Draco fanfiction, which a friend author has just gotten me into reading [my first fic was a combination of request and gift for her]. The Slytherin bad boy and the Hero. Opposites attract, right? Though I definitely I love Severus Snape and even Lucius Malfoy more. And who cares if it's silly to be so over the loop for people who don't exist except outside reality, right? Right?

I'm mainly a dreamer and a reader, though I've written tons of fanfics for X-men and Buffy in the past. I finally finished my first real long HGSS story [but have only loaded the first chapter] and have one more real long HGSS fic almost all done.

Favorite Harry Potter Fic pairings:

1. Hermoine/Snape (Rickman's Snape is pretty sexy in his own way)

2. Hermione/Lucius Malfoy [whoot!]

3. Hermione/Remus Lupin or Hermione/Sirius Black [oddly enough works]

4. Harry/Draco (A good counter for each other)

5. Remus Lupin/Sirius Black [tho not as main]

Least Favorite Pairings:

1. Harry/Ginny (Canon, but friend or lil sis material only, IMO).

2. Ron/Hermione [terribly poor-suited]

3. Harry/Hermione [makes sense, but eh...]

4. Draco/Hermoine (doubly wrong,and makes no sense)

I especially love fics where either or both are a magical creature, Bonding fics, Spell gone wrong fics, Dark/Slytherin Harry or Hermione fics, and the always popular Potions accident fics. And with Hermoine and Sev too, time-travel fics).

Besides that, I'm also a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic with Buffy and Spike, and X-men fics of any genre centering around Rogue/Gambit in Evolution or Rogue/Scott and Rogue/Logan in movie-verse. I'mcurrently archived at fanfiction.net under this name, and have a second profile on here under CajunBelle for my better X-men fics.

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