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My Bio

Hello every fellow readers and writers!

A little about me:

My name is Jak, Born in Denmark 1991 the great year where Truly, Madly, Deeply was released!! I'm an artist and spend most of my time drawing, painting and making sculptures. Having a very creative and artistic mind causes me to make a lot of OC characters. I've always enjoyed creating funny characters with lots of personality, flaws and interesting or sad backgrounds! I love making them different or mythical, due to, that drawing them will be a lot more interesting! Honestly, I can’t stand Mary-Sue characters, but I think it all depends on the character and situation. In some cases I don’t mind it, because it also all compares about the story! I don’t agree that it’s a nice thing to flame others characters and stories! That goes to all of you reviewers who only review to flame stories!

I've been drawing my OC characters for so long, making their stories ect. That I suddenly decided that it was about time to try writing some of my ideas and stories down in fanfictions. I started writing a long time ago, but I have never really published anything that I've continued. But now, I've decided to finally go through with my stories, in case some of you readers should be interested! I have planned on making drawings to my fanfictions and upload once in a while a link to a drawing fitting into a certain chapter. Let’s see how that goes!

I love writing and drawing, and I do it only for fun! I make children’s books as well, which I both illustrate and write, still working on them, and making a very slow progress due to that I do it for fun. :)

A little about my stories and characters:

When it comes to Harry Potter Original characters, I have quite a few. And for you who’re interested, then I’m going to list you a few here, and tell you very shortly about them. :)

Lily Snape
– Lily was my very first Harry Potter OC (hence the fact that she doesn’t seem much original) Lily is the daughter of Severus Snape, in Bittersweet LullabyI’m writing about her story, mainly about her childhood. I’ve never really continued it so far, but in the future I might do!

Armina Harkley –
Armina is a pureblooded witch with attitude! She’s a gypsy of origin, which is, (in my story) the very first origin of witches. But being gypsy also means that she has a lot of shit in her baggage. What sort? Well. Once you will know ;)

Faye Bennett –
Faye is a very shy and sweet muggleborn, placed in the Ravenclaw house because of her huge intellect and her interest in learning something new. At her sixth year she finally attends normal classes as every other witch and wizard, after being transferred from the special treatment classes. Severus finds a certain interest in the girl, and her in him. But can Severus really love someone as her? Someone placed in the very lowest rank of the magical Hierarchy? Well, follow up on Worth a Thousand Words and find out!

Faunia Willow -
Faunia is my third OC character in the world of Harry Potter. Faunia is a half-blood, but not the one you might think. Her mother Dahlia Willow is a nymph, while her father is a pureblooded wizard. The potions master himself finds a certain interest in this half-nymph and starts playing a little game of seducement. Faunia falls hopelessly in love with her teacher, but the closer she gets to him, the more anxious she gets. All this is due to very traumatic experiences and shameful thoughts of her body. The fanfiction is yet not created, but I am intended to do so in the near future!

Dahlia Willow –
Dahlia is one of my favorite characters, namely because she’s so much different from the others, both appearance wise and personality. She’s always appearing in her “birthday suit” due to nymphs are forest creatures and does not wear clothes as humans since they have an unusual body temperature to keep their bodies warm and cold through the seasons. Dahlia is a poor unlucky soul, she always ends up in the most ridiculous situations, but she still manages to keep her head high and laugh of her own poor luck. Dahlia haven’t always been able to speak the language of humans, and have merely been communicating with noises and sounds through most of her life. But her husband taught her the language and ever since then, she’d been talking like a waterfall. Dahlia is 116 years old, but stopped aging since she was 25 which are what nymphs do, because of their immortality. Dahlia will appear in the same
fanfiction as Faunia, once I get started :P

Hoo –
Short name eh? Hoo’s a mythical creature, A Naga – A creature with a human torso and a huge snake tail. He is one of the last Naga's left in the Magical world, due to some serious slaughtering of Naga's to get their horns and fangs that are worth thousands of Galleons! Hoo is a very protective towards his Family but also his friend, Faunia, and can in some cases be very dangerous. Although he made a promise to Dumbledore that he would never touch a human being as long as he and his family is living in the Hogwarts lake.

Lorcan Greyback:
Lorcan Greyback is the son of Fenrir Greyback and is, as well as his father, a werewolf. He is a character my friend developed for a roleplay, but he was slowly getting abandoned, so therefore I adopted him and asked her if it was alright to use him in fanfictions. Lorcan appears to be a very rude, nosy, cocky, big mouthed man, who’s always looking for a great shag. Lorcan falls slightly for the young Lily Snape, and decides to use his sexy charisma and charm to get her into bed. But having shameless shags with the daughter of Severus Snape, and afterwards admitting it boldly, is not exactly the best thing to do. Oooh Lorcan, you dumb man

Well that was a little about me and my characters :) I’m very busy so all the other fanfictions might not come up before I’m finished with the others. We’ll see about that :)

Thank you for visiting!

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