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about me...

# I’ve been playing this game lately – one player, me – of guessing what Hogwarts House those around me would belong to. I’m mental, I know, but after I started working on ‘The Potions Club’ I just started to wonder. Well I’m done wondering and I have some answers:

My fiancée – Hufflepuff with some Slytherin tendencies

My best friend – Gryffindor all the way

My mum – Gryffindor with some Ravenclaw

My dad – Gryffindor and Gryffindor alone

My brother – Ravenclaw with a high dose of Slytherin

My sister – Hufflepuff

ME – Slytherin and maybe some Ravenclaw

... and my stories

# English isn't my native language and I might and certainly will mess up sometimes when it comes to spelling, grammar and the likes, but I do know and like English and I use spelling programs and dictionaries and I hope it's enough to get my story stories across. Still, if you happen to find big, irritating mistakes (no matter what kind) - I know I found stuff like that in some of the stories I've read and it annoyed me terrible, sometimes to the point that even the plot (which some stories had in abundance and had it good) couldn't convince me to read more than three or four chapters - feel free to tell me about it in your reviews.


'The Potions Club'

What could happen at a Potions Club? Explosions, molten cauldrons, mind blowing discoveries… Yes, all of the above and much, much more, especially when two Slytherins are organising it. And when one of these Slytherins is none other than our lovable insufferable know-it-all (now slightly different from what we remember) and the other her favourite Professor and Head of House, Severus Snape, fun, romance and lots of trouble are a sure thing.

An AU story set in the year after Voldemort's defeat.

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