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I love to write. A dreamer, a creator and filled with wonder, imagination and life. Sometimes I get lost in the other worlds I've read and in some I create. It's all good, I’m in good company. 

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”― Maria Montessori
 “Our imagination flies -- we are its shadow on the earth.”― Vladimir Nabokov 
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”― Albert Einstein

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ― Carl Sagan

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Euphorbia milii-dualis: tickled-pink thorny spurge [K (G)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 3] Favorite - 1
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Neville Longbottom
Genres: Humor, Drama, General     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Ginny wanted to give her brothers, Fred and George, a unique and interesting birthday gift. However, things didn't go quite as she planned.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/03/25       Updated: 2007/03/30      Word Count: 4712

Field Trip With The Headmaster [T (PG-13)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 32] Favorite - 21
Category: CHALLENGES > Off-Site Challenges > Potter Place Fun
Category: CHALLENGES >
Category: TPP Challenges > Saturday Night Drabbles
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape
Genres: Drabble/100-Word, General, Humor, Romance, Snapshot     Warnings: (None)
Summary: Severus accompanies Hermione to Stonehenge for a field trip for her alchemic equations – but that's not what is on his mind.
Chapters: 2      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/04/27       Updated: 2008/04/29      Word Count: 1391

Fred and George Save A Friend [T (PG-13)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 15] Favorite - 11
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Original Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Humor, Mystery/Suspense, Romance     Warnings: (None)
Summary: It is well known that Fred and George are pranksters and practical jokers. However, when a pretty girl they knew from school shows up with a dark secret and a load of trouble, these two know just what to do and how to handle it.
Chapters: 8      Completed: Yes       Published: 2006/11/23       Updated: 2007/04/17      Word Count: 26552

From the Shack to Quiescence [K (G)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 21] Favorite - 7
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Nagini, Severus Snape, Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Drama, General, Humor, post-DH/DH, compliant     Warnings: **DH SPOILERS**
Summary: This stroy has DH spoilers in it. It is an alternate plausible possibility in the story of Severus Snape regarding how the events unfolded in the Shrieking Shack and the outcome of a single act of kindnesses to a broken hero.

Twenty-two years of his life had been given over to following the desires of another; seventeen of them as Dumbledore’s man, which meant he served two masters as a servant, spy and pawn. Who could blame Severus for seeking solitude, inactivity and a life with peace, quiet and rest? Quiescence.

Carefully weaving the events begun in the Elder Wand, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, (Scholastic Press, NY, 2007) pages 658-660 and evolving this into a story of survival, honor, abeyance and quiescence for a broken hero.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/08/09       Updated: 2007/08/12      Word Count: 6255

Ginny Weasley and the Yule Ball [K (G)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 14] Favorite - 7
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum
Genres: Drama, General, Humor     Warnings: (None)
Summary: This is Ginny's Christmas during her third year at Hogwarts and her experiences of the Yule Ball. For all of us who have read the Goblet of Fire, we remember the Yule Ball and the days leading up to it from Harry's point of view. However, for Ginny Weasley there were ups and downs, brotherly interventions, discoveries, and of course all the preparations, excitement and anticipation of the big event as seen through her eyes.
Chapters: 8      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/01/10       Updated: 2007/09/02      Word Count: 28357

Grandma Got Knocked Off By A Death Eater [K+ (PG)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 10]
Category: CHALLENGES > TPP Challenges > Podcast Holiday Filk Challenge
Characters: Original Character
Genres: Humor, General, Songfic     Warnings: none
Summary: One of my favorite Christmas songs--tweaked for your singing pleasure. Happy Potterverse Christmas!
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2007/12/02       Updated: 2007/12/03      Word Count: 222

Happy New Year from Your Ministry of Magic [MA (NC-17)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 30] Favorite - 61
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
Characters: George Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate, Universe, Epilogue, What, Epilogue?, Erotica, General, post-HBP/HBP, compliant, Romance, Smut     Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: George tries to rectify the problematic relationship between Hermione and Ron at the Ministry of Magic’s New Years gala, although, I don’t think things turned out exactly as he planned. Written as a gift for my beta, Southern_Witch_69, as a New Years surprise, and she decided to let me share it with all of you!
I hope 2008 brings hope, happiness and loads of good memories for us all.
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/01/01       Updated: 2008/01/03      Word Count: 4479

Hogsmeade Halloween Moste-In-The-Spirit Competition [K (G)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 61] Favorite - 20
Category: HARRY POTTER FANFICTION > Potions Under Duress
Characters: Frank Longbottom, George Weasley, Hermione Granger, James Potter, James Potter (son of Harry), Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Epilogue, What Epilogue?, General, Humor     Warnings: none
Summary: Little Bella gets to decorate her home, with some expert help, while Daddy’s at Hogwarts, running things, and Mummy is at the Ministry. Guess letting George babysit the day of Halloween wasn’t such a good idea!
Chapters: 5      Completed: No       Published: 2008/10/13       Updated: 2010/11/08      Word Count: 8327

I Have a Crush on my Professor [T (PG-13)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 13] Favorite - 4
Category: CHALLENGES > Off-Site Challenges > Potter Place's Post DH Prompt Challenge
Characters: Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Epilogue, What, Epilogue?, post-DH/DH, compliant, Snapshot     Warnings: none
Summary: I was in Slytherin when I was at Hogwarts. Severus Snape was my Head of House, my Potions professor and the object of my schoolgirl dreams. In my career options discussion, I made the huge mistake of telling him. I’m quite certain he saw one, or more, of my fantasies in my mind and things happened, delicious, exotic and fantastic… But I’m ahead of myself. What did he do? What did I do? Well, I’ll tell you…
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/03/16       Updated: 2008/03/19      Word Count: 7086

If Kittens Won’t Do It, Try The Snake [K+ (PG)] by beaweasley2
[Reviews - 27] Favorite - 3
Category: CHALLENGES > Off-Site Challenges > Potter Place's Anything Goes Challenge
Characters: Hermione Granger, Original Character, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate, Universe, General, Horror     Warnings: none
Summary: Severus has a bit of trouble watching over his son with Hermione’s granddad in the house. Of course life would be easier with magic, and if the half-kneazle could be allowed in the bassinette, but no, he has to do everything the Muggle way!
Chapters: 1      Completed: Yes       Published: 2008/06/28       Updated: 2008/07/02      Word Count: 954

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