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It is my opinion that when one is editing, one should have some reputable resources to refer to. More than trying to keep a standard on this site, I am trying to be consistent. Any story that goes through the validation process is carefully screened to be consistent. I do not want to offend anyone by disparaging their choice of reference, but there are a few that just do not hold weight with me. I suppose all rules at one time or another have been someone's opinion, though.

That all being said, I try my best to follow "facts," and I try to be flexible when it comes to differences in American-English versus British-English. I can only learn so much, so all of you from other English-speaking countries, I do have to apologize. I wanted to list the resources I currently have in my library so you all have an idea what kind of resources I am consulting when I am validating a story and what I consider to be reputable.

The Cambridge Guide to English Usage
Cambridge University Press 2004

The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition
The University of Chicago 2003

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition (Strunk & White)
Macmillan Publishing Co, Inc. 1972

Fowler's Modern English Usage, Revised Third Edition
Oxford University Press, Inc. 2000

Merriam-Webster's Manual for Writers & Editors
Merriam-Webster Incorporated 1998

The New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage
The New York Public Library and The Stonesong Press 1994

Chambers Perfect Punctuation
Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd. 2005

Chambers Effective Grammar
Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd. 2005

Please Note: Do not quote Eat Shoots and Leaves to back up your claims. While the author does quote some rules, the book is essentially for entertainment purposes and is not considered a reputable reference. (Using this "reference" will only serve to irritate the Headmistress.)

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